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What's in a Name?

Jamie Poelker
Lee County School District


Students learn that writing poetry is not difficult and can even be fun. It can help them get to know someone better. Students learn that poetry is a different way of communicating their thoughts and feelings.


The student establishes a purpose for writing (including but not limited to informing, entertaining, explaining).


- Poetry anthology
- Large construction paper
- Water soluble markers
- Crayons
- Colored pencils
- Watercolors
- Glue
- Scissors


1) Select 5 poems to read aloud to class.
2) Prepare an example of what you would expect their poems to be like.
3) Gather the materials for student art work.


1. Read 5 short poems out loud to the class

2. Ask the students what they like and dislike about each poem and ask them to explain their opinions and support them with lines from the poem.

3. Tell the students that they will be writing poems of their own, keeping in mind their likes and dislikes of the poems that were read to them.

4. Explain assignment: students will be working with an assigned partner and they will write a poem about each other. Pairs will be given 10 minutes to have a discussion about each other's likes, dislikes, personality, etc.
The 1st letter of each line of the poem will be a letter of the person's name. Be sure that the poem introduces and describes your partner.

5. Give an example:
I-intrinsically motivated

6. Tell the students that when they find out who their partner is, think about words that describe them and start with the letters in their first name.

7. Tell the students that after drafting the poem, they will make a final copy and incorporate art that reminds the student of their partner with the materials provided.

8. Tell the students that when they are finished, they will present the final product orally to the class, explaining the choice of words in the poem and the art work illustrating it.

9. Reveal assigned partners to class and asks students to begin.


Assess the students' poems using the assessment checklist in the file. Make sure that they followed the directions for the assignment and wrote poems that introduce and describe their partners. Artwork should not be assessed.


Instead of one word for each letter of the name, a full sentence can be required.

Attached Files

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