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Ring, Ring . . . Please Get That Phone

Athena Gill


Students create a multimedia PowerPoint presentation using proper telephone procedures. Using the Internet, students produce a presentation containing proper telephone procedures.


The student uses electronic technology including databases and software to gather information and communicate new knowledge.


-Give students a list of selected Websites (previewed by teacher example; go into www. and type in one of these sites: or
-Data Projector
-PowerPoint program
-Each student will be given a computer disk
-Handout of project instructions (see associated file)


1. Prepare PowerPoint demo to be shown on data projector
2. Print slide handout for each student
Hand each student his or her own computer disk
3. Give each student a websites that are listed in Material section


1. Ask students to turn on computers.

2. Describe and demonstrate how to open a PowerPoint window using the overhead data projector.

3. Have the students open a new PowerPoint document. Click "Start," go to Programs and select "Microsoft PowerPoint."

4. Describe and demonstrate the use of Auto Content Wizard and Design Templates by clicking FILE, NEW, DESIGN TEMPLATE.

5. Tell students to select a new design template from PowerPoint.

6. Using the overhead data projector, describe and demonstrate how to create a title slide.

7. Allow time for students to begin creating their title slides. Give students the slide topic, “TELEPHONE SKILLS."

8. Using the data projector, describe and demonstrate how to add a new slide.

9. Tell students to begin creating a new slide.

10. Describe and demonstrate the use of various PowerPoint attributes such as font size, editing, and slide transitions using the overhead data projector.

11. Share the rubric with students at this time. (See Associated File.) Make sure they understand the criteria and that assessment of their presentation slides is based on this information.

12. Demonstrate how to insert ClipArt to PowerPoint Presentation from ClipArt feature on PowerPoint program or coping ClipArt and inserting from the Internet.

13. Have students insert ClipArt on several slides.

14. Assign students twelve slides to create on proper "Telephone Skills," such as listening carefully to caller, asking caller specifics; name, phone number, any message, apologizing for delays, etc.

15. Have students peer review each other's presentation slides before submitting to the teacher. Provide practice and feedback accordingly.

16. Assess students using the rubric located in the Associated File.


Assess the students' work using the Rubric located in the associated file.
Circulate and formatively assess students as they use the technology tools. Provide assistance for students who are experiencing difficulty and monitor accordingly.


--Invite a guest speaker to speak on Telephone skills.
--Have students role play a professional phone conversation.

Web Links

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A rubric for formative assesment.     File Extension: pdf

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