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Favorite Survey

Jennifer Sansone-Berbert


This activity is a fun and interactive way for students to collect and organize data for charts and bar graphs by questioning their classmates.


The student generates questions, collects responses, and displays data on a pictograph, circle graph, bar, double bar, or line graph.


-Favorite Survey sheet - one per student
-Pencils and crayons - for each student
-Ruler - one per student
-Graph paper - one per student


1.Verify prior knowledge of putting data on graph paper in the form of a bar graph.
2.Get worksheets copied (one for every student)
3.Have graph paper for students to chart their data.


**Students should have prior knowledge of putting collected data on a bar graph.

1. Explain to the students that they are going to create bar graphs to show what their classmates' favorites are.

2. Explain that they have 10 minutes to question their classmates using the Favorite Survey worksheet.

3. Distribute worksheets.

4. Explain to the students that they can use tally marks to record the responses. (This is the least time consuming as opposed to writing their names.)

5. Call time after 10 minutes and have students return to their seats.

6. Tell students, -Take your Favorite Survey worksheets back to your seats and using your pencil and ruler, create a bar graph.-

7. Tell students, -After you have plotted your responses, you can color the bars different colors to better see the differences.-

8. Lead a discussion as to the findings from the Favorite Survey. (ie: Joey, what category had the largest response?)

9. Ask questions to compare one student's graph to another (ie: Jane, how many more kids liked McDonald's than Burger King?)


**Students will not be assessed on pictographs, circle graphs, double bar, or line graphs.Students are not assessed on generating questions.

The assessment for this lesson is formative. Observe and comment on the graphs as the students are working on them. Students show the teacher the final graphs using their data collection. Students participate in the class discussion about their results from their completed graphs. Discussion – Guiding questions are: What question had the most responses from your classmates? (Answers will very, however, students should be able to recognize the largest and smallest number of responses on their graphs.)

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