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Traveling Through Europe with Brochures

Sheila Sexton


This activity is designed to help students become familiar with the cultural aspects of their chosen country through creating a travel brochure and an expression booklet.


The student determines the main idea or essential message in a text and identifies relevant details and facts and patterns of organization.

The student locates, organizes, and interprets written information for a variety of purposes, including classroom research, collaborative decision making, and performing a school or real-world task.

The student uses mental maps to organize information about people, places, and environments.


-Brochure and expression book checklist with descriptions of items needed for brochure
-Examples of brochures and expression books
-Posted list of URL addresses for expression book information
-Computer rotation schedule
-Library books on European countries
-Library language dictionaries from European countries
-5 copies of Encarta '98 CD's or similar encyclopedia software
-5 computers, 2 color printers, and a scanner
-Colored computer paper
-Access to word-processing program


-Prepare brochure/expression booklet checklist (See attached file)
-Gather appropriate software
-Prepare and post computer rotation schedule
-Prepare sign up sheet for extra computer time before and after school
-Sign up for library and have all books that pertain to European topic pulled for students


(See attached file for additional information.)
1. Begin the study of Europe by picking a European country and doing a short presentation designed to catch student interest (i.e. show a travel poster and examples of brochures and expression booklets.)

2. Hand out instruction sheet and checklist for brochure and expression booklet. Go over information and answer questions.

3. Point out some URL addresses that students will find helpful when creating their expression booklets.

4. Create a computer rotation schedule where 5 people rotate on and off the computer each class period. Each student should be on the computer at least 1 time (a total of 1 hour each).

5. Take students to the library for 2 days to allow them to start doing their research on their chosen country.

6. Begin teaching European country locations, weather patterns, historical time periods, etc. to the whole class. Students who are on the computer doing research are responsible for making up missed assignments.

7. When all projects are completed, have students share them with the class.

8. Assess the brochures and booklets that students turned in and shared.


This activity is assessed through observation, which focuses on the students' use of class time for research. Students are assessed through tests on given countries on discussed information. Students are assessed on the brochure and expression booklet. The assessment instrument is in a checklist format.


The European Travel Brochure must have:
1. Cover Sheet
a. picture of the country
b. name of the country
c. your name
2. Information Sheet
a. name of the country
b. language spoken
c. religion
d. population
e. currency
f. weather (ex: temperature ranges for the four seasons)
g. popular holiday celebrated (ex: Octoberfest in Germany)
h. popular food and drink
i. main form of transportation
j. customs

3. Places to Visit
Must have at least 3 places to visit. These destinations in your country need to be described and have a picture so that the traveler will know what to expect.

4. Format
Must be typed. Must use a variety of graphics and fonts

*Must be made out of construction paper.
*Front (Cover) must have the name of the language plus a title of the booklet ----- (ex: Spanish for Travelers).

*10 to 15 expressions that travelers would need to get around in your country need to be included inside the booklet. Include translations.

Note: Circulate and formatively assess students as they use the technology tools. Provide assistance for students who are experiencing difficulty and monitor accordingly.


Modifications: Students who need extra help can sign up to come in before or after school to work one-on-one on their projects.

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Web supplement for Traveling Through Europe With Brochures
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