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Flavorful Graphing

Jennifer Gompers
Hernando County Schools


This activity is a fun extension to collecting, graphing, and analyzing data. Students work for a fictional advertising company and are looking to find what customers will like in new products.


The student generates questions, collects responses, and displays data in a table, pictograph or bar graph.


- Paper
- Graph paper
- Copy of Flavorful Graphing Tally Table and the Pictograph and Bar graph for each student (see Associated File)
- Crayons/markers
- Overhead projector
- Transparency of Flavorful Graphing Tally Table and the Pictograph and Bar graph. (see Associated file)
- Copy of Flavorful Graphing Checklist for each student (see Associated File)


1. Students should have prior knowledge of tally tables and graphing,.
2. Students should have prior knowledge of how to use checklist.
3. Gather materials for this activity (See Materials).
4. Make a copy of Flavorful Graphing Tally Table and Pictograph and Bar graph for each student (see Assoc. File).
5. Copy transparencies of Flavorful Graphing Tally Table and graph examples (Pictograph and Bar graph).
6. Print Flavorful Graphing Checklist from associated file and make a copy for each student.


1. Tell students, "I have an idea for some new ice cream flavors and was wondering if you could tell me which one of these flavors you would like." Have some new wacky flavors listed on the overhead.

2. Discuss how businesses need surveys of customers to help create new flavors and products. Put up the transparency of the Flavorful Graphing Tally Table and the Bar Graph (See associated file ). Explain how these results will help the business make that new product.

3. Review how to collect data and how to generate tally tables and graphs.

4. The students will respond to the survey of the flavors and the teacher will record on the Flavorful Graphing Tally Table.

5. Generate a tally table, pictograph and bar graph using the results from the survey (Use copy from Associated File)

6. Pass out the Flavorful Graphing Checklist and review how to use it. Explain that all students will be given a checklist (See Associated File) to guide them during their activity on which you will verify the work completed.

7. Explain to the students that they work for a major food production company, Major Foods Inc. The president of the company wants all employees to generate a new flavor ice cream, cookie, soda, or candy. The students are to create 4 new flavors for the product of their choice. They are then to generate a question to ask the people they are going to question. Guide them with some possible questions.

8. Once the students have their flavors they are to ask 20 people which of the 4 flavors they would like. They can begin this in class and then continue for homework.

9. After asking 20 people, they are to display their results on the Flavorful Graphing tally table. The Flavorful Graphing pictograph or bar graph (see Associated File) can be completed in class the following day. Circulate to insure each student's understanding of graphing.

10. Upon completion of graphs the students will then share their results with the other employees (classmates) to see what new things the company can come up with.

11. Discuss and share results.

12. Review again the importance of generating questions, collecting responses, and displaying data in a table, pictograph or bar graph. Explain that surveys help businesses to help the people buying their items.

13. At the end of the activity, collect the students' survey questions, tally tables, and graphs. (see Assessment)


The student will generate a question/survey for 20 others to answer about possible new products. They will survey 20 people, collect the responses, and display responses in a tally table. The students will then create a pictograph or bar graph to display results of survey. The student will assess their progress on a checklist, which the teacher will also use to assess the studentís work.
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