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Pizza Probability

Christy Clanton
Bay District Schools


Pizza Probability allows students to use graphing software in displaying the results of their gathered statistical data to make predictable decisions in suggesting the varieties of pizza to sell at a community fundraiser.


The student associates verbal names, written word names, and standard numerals with the whole numbers less than 1000.

The student determines range, mean, median, and mode from sets of data.


- Student paper and pencils
- Copies of the survey sheet
- Yellow post-it notes
- Student Data Analysis Journals
- Teacher-made Pizza Popularity Chart
-Computer stations with Graph Club software pre-loaded


1. Gather materials.
2. Contact organizer for fundraising event.
3. Inform third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers prior to the survey time to get support.
4. Post teacher-made Pizza Popularity Chart.
5. Pre-load Graph Club software at computer stations.


1. Students conduct a class survey: -What is your favorite kind of pizza?- by interviewing each other.
2. Students work in teams to graph and analyze their results.
3. The Team of the Day delivers a copy of the survey sheet to each fourth grade class, asking the teacher to have the class complete and return the survey.
4. Teams graph the results with Graph Club software and share the results with our class.
5. The class works in teams to compare our class results with the rest of the fourth grade results. The teacher asks the teams to predict what third graders and fifth graders might choose to buy as their choice at the community fundraiser based upon the data collected from fourth grade. The team recorder writes the team's prediction on a yellow post-it note and places the note on the Predicted Pizza Popularity Chart.
6. Teams deliver the survey sheets to third and fifth grade classes. Those results are then graphed with Graph Club and shared with our class.
7. Students respond in their Data Analysis Journals to this prompt: Compare your team's prediction based upon the fourth grade data to the actual data collected from the third and fifth grades.
8. A team of volunteers works together to compose a letter to the adult contact for the fundraiser sharing the survey results.
9.Students analyze the generated graphs to identify the mean, median, and mode.


Teacher assesses student work in Data Analysis Journal.
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