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Clouds of Spelling Words

Deborah Ford
Santa Rosa District Schools


The students receive a folded piece of paper and copy the spelling words onto the paper with a word in each block. They then trace the spelling words four times with four different colored crayons. This is a kinesthetic way to practice writing the spelling words.


The student spells commonly used, phonetically regular words at first grade or higher level.


-Folded construction paper for each student
-4 Different colored crayons for each student
-4 Pieces of colored chalk
-Weekly spelling words


1. Have construction paper out, counted and folded for each student.
2. Write spelling words on board.
3. Make sure students have four different colored crayons.
4. Gather four different pieces of colored chalk.
5. Have stickers on hand.


1. “Today class we will practice our spelling words a different way. We have practiced our spelling words by doing word finds, putting them in ABC order, unscrambling them , and writing them two times each. Now we will write them with crayons.”

2. Instruct the students to get out four different colored crayons.

3. While they are doing that, pass out the construction paper.

4. “Take your pencil and copy these 10 spelling words, one into each block. Now there are eight blocks and ten words. Who knows where we will put the other two words?” (student response) “Two of them will go on the back. Very good!”

5. Explain that once the students copy all the words with their pencil, they take one crayon and trace each word (demonstrate on chalkboard with different colored chalk). After they trace each word with that color, they put the crayon away so they don't use it again.

6. Then they pick up a different crayon and trace the words again (demonstrate on board). Then they put that crayon away. Students continue this way until they have traced the words four times with four different colored crayons.

7. When the students are finished, collect their work, check for correct spelling and reward with a sticker.


Check the sheets for accuracy of spelling and reward with a sticker. This is strictly practice, a formative assessment, so no grades are given--just stickers and smiley faces. If students misspell any words, they rewrite the word(s) in the extra spaces on the back of the sheet.
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