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Popsicle Prose

Charlotte Fooks
Orange County Schools


This lesson is designed to teach students to write an expository essay explaining a logical sequence of events. While eating a Popsicle, they think about how they would describe the steps they go through to eat it.


The student uses a variety of strategies to prepare for writing (for example, brainstorming, making lists, mapping ideas, grouping related ideas, keeping a notebook of ideas, observing surroundings, answering questions posed by others).

The student creates a logical organizational pattern appropriate to expository writing (including beginning, middle, end).


-1 Popsicle per student
-Chart paper & markers
-Overhead projector
-Transparency of Teacher Sample Graphic Organizer (See Associated File)
-Popsicle Prose handout (See Associated File)
-Teacher Sample Essay on chart paper (See Associated File)


1. Create a transparency of the Teacher Sample Graphic Organizer. (See Associated File)
2. Copy the Teacher Sample Essay on chart paper. (See Associated File) That way you can refer to the essay as you go over the graphic organizer.
3. Gather chart paper and markers for brainstorming activity.
4. Buy Popsicles.
5. Copy the Popsicle Prose handout for each student. (See Associated File) This handout contains both the rubric and the student graphic organizer.


Prerequisite: Students have already learned the format of 5-paragraph essay.

1. Ask students, “Do you have a special way to eat a Popsicle?”

2. Tell students that they will be learning how to write an expository essay on how to eat a Popsicle.

3. Allow students to choose what flavor Popsicle they would like to eat.

4. As students eat their Popsicle, have them think about the special way they consume it.

5. Brainstorm descriptive words for how they eat it, how it sounds, what it tastes like, etc. Write these words on chart paper.

6. Discuss with students the elements of an expository “how to” essay. Introduce transition words that are appropriate for explaining how to do something.

7. Share the Teacher Sample Graphic Organizer and Essay. (See Associated File)

8. Give students the Popsicle Prose handout. (See Associated File) Have students evaluate the teacher-made graphic organizer according to the criteria provided in the rubric.

9. Walk students through completing the graphic organizer that is on the Popsicle Prose handout. Refer students to the criteria on the rubric for a “commendable” and “acceptable” graphic organizer as they complete their own.

1. Review the basics of writing an expository “how to” essay with students. The essay should contain a logical organizational pattern for explaining a sequence of events (including beginning, middle, end).

2. Review the Teacher Sample Essay and how it correlates with the Teacher Sample Graphic Organizer. Review the logical organizational pattern of the essay (introduction; first, second, and third main ideas with supporting details; conclusion).

3. Using their graphic organizer, have students begin writing their own essay to describe how they eat Popsicles.


1. Use the Student Graphic Organizer Rubric on the Popsicle Prose handout to formatively assess the students' work. This rubric assesses whether the students did a commendable or acceptable job completing their graphic organizer, or whether they need to see the teacher for more assistance.
2. Read the students' essays to assess whether or not they created a logical organizational pattern appropriate to expository writing (including beginning, middle, end). Provide formative feedback about the essay's strengths and any organizational areas that might need improvement.


An extension of this lesson could be to take the essay students wrote and introduce proofreading and editing skills.
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