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Une Salle de Classe Ideale

Nancy Podrez
Orange County Schools


This activity gives students a chance to actively learn classroom objects in the French language using TPR strategies. Although it was created for the French class, it can be adapted to most languages.


The student provides simple information in spoken form (e.g., descriptions of family members, friends, objects present in his or her everyday environment, or common school and home activities).


-Classroom Object Vocabulary cards (pictures and words in French)
-Overhead projector
-Overhead transparency of classroom objects
-Practice sheet on classroom vocabulary
-French Notebook
-Bingo cards with pictures of classroom objects


1. Make a list of vocabulary of Classroom Objects on overhead transparency that you want students to learn.
2. Have overhead transparency with a picture of a classroom and pictures of objects.
3. Make or obtain picture cards and vocabulary cards of the vocabulary words.
4. Create or purchase Bingo cards with pictures of classroom objects.


1. Begin in French (or target language) by identifying various objects found in the classroom. Start with the cognates (words that sound similar). Introduce them orally with gestures as much as possible. Circulate around the room and select objects students have, as well as objects found in the class. (See attached list.)

2. As you circulate, continually introduce new vocabulary and review words you have been introducing, asking students as a class or individually to repeat and recall the words.

3. Once all of the words have been introduced, ask students to show they recognize the new words learned by asking them in French to show the item you are naming (ex.: Montrez moi un crayon, un stylo, une lumiere, etc.). (Show me a pencil, a pen, the light, etc.)

4. Once you have gone through all of the words for recognition, point to an object and ask them to identify the object in French. (Qu’est ce que c’est? C’est) (What is this? It's...)

5. Have students stand and go to the front or back of the room. Have them all physically go to an object that you name in French. Do this with several of the objects and then have individuals go to different objects.

6. Have all students return to their seats.

7. Place overhead transparency on the overhead and as you point to an object call on individuals to show oral comprehension of the objects learned.

8. Distribute bingo cards with pictures of classroom objects for a quick game of Allez-Op. (Bingo).

9. Call out the word and have them put an X on the corresponding picture if they have it on their cards. The first student to have three in a row will shout Allez-Op! (Bingo) and should be able to recall the words on their cards in French.

10. Now that students have shown recognition of the objects, ask them to take out paper and pencil in order to copy the vocabulary to their notebook/
vocabulary section.

11. For homework, students could be asked to identify the corresponding English word on the French vocabulary list.

12. Teacher will assess the activity throughout the activity. (See Assessment.)


Since this standard focuses on the spoken form of the language, students will be assessed by the oral responses they give throughout the activity, as well as the items they identify when given the French word. By the end of the class, they should be able to recognize the French word for at least ten vocabulary words and be able to say at least seven classroom objects in French.


1. Although this lesson has been created for the French class, it can easily be adapted for ESOL or ESE students.

2. As an additional project/activity, I ask my students to be creative and draw a picture of Une Salle De Classe Ideale (An Ideal Classroom). They may draw it in any way they want but must label at least twenty classroom objects in the French language. If they say they can’t draw, I might sometimes let them cut out pictures and create a classroom that way.
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