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Listeners for Life

Katie Tilton


How many times a day do we repeat directions to our students? If you start teaching your students to be good listeners now, they will be listeners for life. In this lesson it is a must for your students to be good listeners.


The student follows multiple-step oral directions.


--Rubric (see attached file)
-Overhead projector
-Overhead transparency
(One per student)
-Small brown paper bags
-Red crayons
-Post it notes
-Blue construction paper
-Sharpened Pencils
-Yellow construction paper


1. Make bags for each child with one of every material listed under the materials list.
2.Gather materials
3. Make copies of rubric
4. Make overhead transparency of rubric


1. Begin the lesson by saying in a normal voice, “If you hear me put your hand on your head, If you hear me clap your hands one time, If you hear me fold your hands and place them on your desk.”

2. Explain the importance of listening. Remind students they have been listening since they were born and they will be listening the rest of their lives.

3. Explain what a good listener does when some is speaking to them. Sit up straight in their seat, hands folded, quiet feet and hands and eyes on the speaker.

4. Explain to the students that they are going to each receive a brown bag.

5. Explain the directions will only be read twice.

6. Do not begin giving directions until all students are in good listening position.

7. Read the following to the students: Remind the students not to open their bags until all 6 directions are read.

1. Put a red X with a red crayon on the post it note.
2. Fold the blue construction paper in half.
3. Write your name with pencil on the yellow construction paper.
4. Put the pencil in your desk for you to keep.
5. Put everything else back into your bag and fold the top down.
6. Place bag in the right hand corner of your desk.

8. Make sure you repeat 1-6 twice.

9. Once all the bags are on the right hand corner of the students desk go around and switch the bags so no one has their own.

10. Pass out the rubric to all students.

11. Explain how to use the rubric to the students using the overhead copy.

12. Explain how to use the rubric to the students using the overhead copy. Use your example bag to go over the directions that you read as they check their own. Use the overhead copy to demonstrate how you correct it.

13. Once the students are finished have two students collect the bags and put them in the back of the room.

14. Wrap up by reviewing what good listening is.


With the rubric provided the students will get 4 out of 6 directions correct. Since listening is a skill the student will be working on all year round those that are having difficulty will be given extra teacher assistance.


After you have practiced listening skills with your students, you may want to redo this same lesson however, this time add “extra stuff”. For example, add two more different color crayons that are not used.

Attached Files

Rubric.     File Extension: pdf

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