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Letters Alive, Oh, My!

Allison Braun


I write A, you write A – A A A . This lesson helps students form the letter Aa.


The student writes legibly using manuscript form (for example, prints numbers and upper- and lower- case letters; uses left to right sequencing; spaces between words and sentences).


-Picture of Letter Aa
-Chalkboard or Dry Erase Board
-Markers (for Teacher)
-Pretzel sticks (5-10 per student)
-Gummy Lifesavers (5-10 per student)
-Handwriting paper (1 per student)
-Pencils (1 per student)


1. Have pretzel sticks and Lifesavers in individual baggies.


1. Show students a picture of letter A. Model the correct letter formation on the board by saying the words “Starting point, slant line left, starting point, slant line right, starting point straight line across the middle. Students will mimic teacher motions with their fingers by “sky-writing” the letter A and saying the words as the teacher says them.

2. Use the same learning technique to learn the “lower-case” a. Say, “Starting point circle around, starting point straight stick down the right side. Have the children sky-write their letters. Discuss differences and similarities.

3. Send students to tables. Pass out pretzels and Lifesavers. Have the students use sticks and circles to form the letters.

4. Pass out handwriting paper. Students can trace pretzel sticks and Lifesavers on paper to form the letters. They may eat their letters after the teacher has checked for correct formation.


In this formative assessment, the teacher observes students forming letters with pretzels and lifesavers, then tracing them on paper, then correctly writing them independently.


Students can also use shaving cream to write letters. This can be done directly on the table or on a small piece of wax paper. This idea can be used for teaching all letters, numbers, shapes, etc.
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