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Shopping Spree

Christy Clanton
Bay District Schools


In Shopping Spree, students use estimation skills as they race a thirty- minute time limit to spend no more than $1,000 in a toy catalog.


The student uses and justifies different estimation strategies in a real-world problem situation and determines the reasonableness of results of calculations in a given problem situation.


-Toy catalogs
-Student paper and pencils
-Class set of calculators


Gather materials


1. Teacher passes out catalogs and announces that each child should imagine that they have been declared the winner of a $1,000 Grand Prize Thirty-Minute Shopping Spree.
2. Students use paper and pencil to list their purchases. Students are encouraged to use their estimation skills to check their purchases quickly. Students use calculators to check their purchases.
3. At the end of the thirty minutes, students must stop. Students reflect in their Place Value Journals as to the effect of using estimation strategies in a timed situation.


Student calculations are assessed by the teacher for % of calculations correct. The student reflection in the Place Value Journal should indicate that estimation is a reasonable way of quickly determining the approximate amount spent.
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