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Who Am I? (Intermediate Grades)

sherrie consolazio
Colleges and Universities - Florida


An interesting and fun method for introducing students to poetry. Students learn that poetry allows them to express their views, thoughts and feelings to others.


The student uses descriptive words to convey ideas in writing.


-8 ½” x 11” Construction paper (~40 sheets of various colors)
-Checklist (See Associated File)


1. Gather all of the materials being used for the activity.
2. Create a colorful and decorative model of what the finished “Guess Who?” poem should be like.
3. Make several copies of the checklist (See Associated File) for the students to use during their writing experience.


1. Inform the students that they are going to write “Guess Who?” poems in a descriptive manner.

2. Provide the students with examples of “Guess Who?” poems and place them in the front of the classroom so that the students can use them as a model. (See Associated File)

3. Ask the students to brainstorm together for descriptive words that would represent their hobbies or personalities and place them on the board.

4. Ask the students to write down several descriptive words that they feel represent themselves on their own paper, such as, helpful, energetic, soccer player.

5. Then the students can start to try to create their own “Guess Who?” poems based on a hobby or descriptive word that describes them.

6. The students create a rough draft and present the teacher the rough draft of their “Guess Who?” poem.

7. Give the students oral or written comments about their poem. Use items #2 and #5 on the checklist (See Associated File) to guide feedback.

8. Once the poem is reviewed by the teacher, the students start to create their final draft of their “Guess Who?” poem. Make students aware of the additional criteria (item #4) required for their final poems.

9. Inform the students that they are to create their final “Guess Who?” poem on construction paper and that they are to illustrate their poem with the materials that are provided.

10. Ask volunteers to read their poems out loud to the class.

11. Read the poems out loud and have the other students predict who they think the poem belongs to.

12. Use the checklist to assess the “Guess Who?” poems to make sure that they met all of the criteria. (See Associated File)


For assessment criteria, see the Checklist for “Guess Who?” Poems in the associated file.

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