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Plan for Research Success

Martha Smith
Escambia County Schools


Students are introduced to an online organizational tool that helps them develop an effective and efficient plan for successfully completing a research project.


The student selects and uses appropriate study and research skills and tools according to the type of information being gathered or organized, including almanacs, government publications, microfiche, news sources, and information services.


-White board or chalkboard with 2 columns, labeled SUCCESSES and DIFFICULTIES
-Computer, LCD projector and screen
-Computer with Internet access for each team of students
-Networked printer
-The URL for the BIG6 ORGANIZER FOR GRADES 7-12 written on note cards, with one placed at each computer (See Preparations)


1. Set up the white board/chalkboard with 2 columns: SUCCESSES and DIFFICULTIES.
2. Put a note card with the URL for the BIG6 ORGANIZER FOR GRADES 7-12 at each team's computer (
3. Set up the computer, LCD projector and screen.
4. Make sure the printer is turned on and there is enough paper in the paper tray.
5. Make one copy per team of the BIG6 Assignment Organizer Checklist (See Associated File) for the teacher's use during the teacher/student team conference.


NOTE: Students have already been assigned to teams for the research project and have received their research topics. They also have been assigned to computers.

1. Ask students if they have ever had to do a research project in the past.

2. Encourage students to share successes they have had with projects in the past and to explain why these projects were successful. Write their responses on the board in the SUCCESSES column.

3. Have them describe some of the difficulties they may have faced in other projects and some of the things they would do differently if they could do such a project again. As responses are given, write them on the board in the DIFFICULTIES column.

4. Tell students that you are going to introduce them to an organizational tool that will help them develop a plan for success in the currently assigned research project.

5. Project the BIG6 ORGANIZER FOR GRADES 7-12 on the screen through the use of your computer and LCD projector.

6. Scroll through the six steps, encouraging students to provide examples. Give feedback on each response and provide examples yourself when necessary.

7. Direct each team to turn on their computer and access the BIG6 ORGANIZER FOR GRADES 7-12, using the URL on the note card at their computer.

8. As teams work through the organizer, you should circulate from team to team to examine their progress and make suggestions as needed.

9. When teams have completed the organizer, they should print a copy for the teacher and each team member.

10. The teacher conferences with each team and uses the BIG 6 Assignment Organizer Checklist (See Associated File) to provide feedback on the completeness and effectiveness of their plan.


Use a teacher/student team conference and the BIG6 Assignment Organizer Checklist (See Associated File) to formatively assess the appropriateness of the types of information selected for and included in the BIG6 ORGANIZER FOR GRADES 7-12. Evidence is provided by the organizer and the criteria is indicated in the checklist.

Web Links

This site is to be used in the lesson after the introduction and brainstorming has been completed. The online assignment organizer is located on this Website.
The BIG6 Assignment Organizer for Grades 7 - 12

Attached Files

This file contains the BIG6 Assignment Organizer Checklist.     File Extension: pdf

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