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Happy Birthday to Them!

Gwen Hafford


Students use the Internet to "pop-in" on popular singers.


The student uses electronic technology including databases and software to gather information and communicate new knowledge.


-Internet-connected computers
-Projection screen (for teacher demonstration use)
-Multimedia projection device (for teacher demonstration use)
-Popular Singers Worksheet (See Associated File)
-Tracking Dogs worksheet (See Associated File)
-CD Player (optional)
-CD with songs by one or more of the singers on the list (optional)


1. Gather materials in advance.
2. Gather a collection of music by the singers on the list (optional).
3. Make copies of the worksheets for the students. (See Associated File)


Prior Knowledge: Students should be familiar with basic computer usage skills such as Internet searching.

1. Explain to students that a large amount of information can be found on the Internet. There are many search engines from which to select. The focus of this lesson is on the search engines "Google," "Yahooligans," and "Ask Jeeves for Kids." (See Weblinks)

2. Demonstrate how to look up information using the Google search engine. For example, open up the Google search engine, and type in the word, “cat." (Display this process using the projection screen.)

3. Use the procedure demonstrated above and search for information on "Yahooligans" and "Ask Jeeves for Kids."

4. Discuss the results of the searches with the students.

5. Practice finding four Websites that display information using the word “dogs” as a search word.

6. Distribute the Tracking Dogs worksheet (See Associated File), one per student. Instruct students to follow the directions on the worksheet.

1. Introduce today's lesson by playing the game, “What Is My Name?” This game is played by listening to different songs by singers, and having the students try to guess the singing artists.

2. Ask how they might find out more information about these people. Mention the search engines used in yesterday’s lesson. Display the Web address for the three search engines (Google, Yahooligans, Ask Jeeves for Kids) on the projection screen.

3. Ask what every person has in common. Elicit the response of “birthday” during this discussion.

4. Tell the students that today, they are going to go on a "Birthday Hunt."

5. Direct the students to open one of the three search engines.

6. Distribute the Popular Singers Worksheets to students. (See Associated File) Instruct the students to search the Internet, using one of the three search engines, and find the birthdates of the singers listed. Have students provide the URL address from which they obtained their information for each singer.


This lesson assesses only students' ability to retrieve and verify information from the Internet.

Formatively assess students' completion of the Popular Singers and Tracking Dogs worksheets. (See Associated File)

Note: Circulate and formatively assess students as they use the technology tools. Provide assistance for students who are experiencing difficulty and monitor accordingly.

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