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The Great Depression Group Activity

Jamie Berry
Orange County Schools


Students work in groups filling in worksheets learning about and appreciating conditions during the Great Depression.They will be able to analize the difference in the cost of living today versus the Depression years.


The student identifies and understands themes in history that cross scientific, economic, and cultural boundaries.


-1 price list per group (Internet address given)
-1 set of worksheet papers per group (in attachment)
-Paper for essay
-Dice (1 die per group)


1. Gather materials for activity.
2. Make copies of worksheets.
3. Get price guide from Internet address.
4. Put students into groups.
5. Hand out materials.


1. Students are broken up into groups.

2. Each group is given 1 die.

3. Each group gets 1 set of worksheets.

4. Each group gets 1 price guide.

5. Each group will get department store magazines for price checking.

6. Students complete their set of worksheets


Students will show their knowledge through the completion of the work packets and their essay answers.
Students will show their knowledge of what life was like during the Great Depression by roll playing people of different occupational groups. Students must provide necessities for their family members and write essays outlining their daily experiences during the Great Depression.

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