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A fun method for introducing the students to each other and to list poems.They will create, illustrate and present a list poem based on a word that describes them. After they are turned in the teacher can create a "Who's Who" poetry book.


The student generates ideas before writing on self-selected topics and assigned tasks (for example, brainstorming, observing surroundings, reading texts, discussion with peer).

The student writes informally (for example, journal entries, reading response, poetry).

The student understands that word choice can shape ideas, feelings, and actions (for example, language appropriate to the subject, synonyms, antonyms).


*These are materials that students and teachers will need to complete their projects.
-Overhead sheets or chalk
-Construction Paper
-Colored Pencils
-Large photo album


1. The teacher will need to create a list poem that describes herself.
2. Have several other examples of list poems to use to enhance the students' understanding of this form of poetry better.
3. Make copies of rubic assesment sheet for your students.
4. Set up all of your supplies so that the students can easily access them.


1. Begin the activity by presenting the students a list poem that will introduce yourself to them.

2. Describe to the students that a list poem will be created my selecting a hobbie or characterisitic that describes them.

3. Then present other list poems to the students so that they can get a better understanding of how to create a list poem.( See attached file)

4. Engage the students in a discussion about what they know about list poems.

5. Next start to have the students brainstorm about words that they feel best describe who they are.Then the teacher will write down these words on the overhead or blackboard.

6. Next select one of the words from the board and have the class create a collabrative list poem together.

7. Now the students will work individually to create a rough draft of their list poem.

8. After the students have created their rough draft they will bring it up to the teacher to check off. Then they can start to create their final draft.

9. Next you will hand out the rubric assesment sheet (see attached file) for the list poem to each student so that they will have clear standards to follow.

10. As the students are creating their final drafts you should be circulating around the class to make sure they do not have any further questions on the assignment.

11. Next the students will introduce themselves to the class by presenting their list poem.

12. After all of the presentations are done the students will hand in their rough draft, final copy, and the rubic sheet so that the teacher can assess them.

13. After the teacher has evaluated the list poems. You will then create a "Who's Who" poetry book by placing each poem in a large photo album.


The teacher will make sure that the student has handed in the rough draft, final copy and the rubic assesment sheet.
The teacher will then evaluate the students' list poems and give them points based how well they meet each of the criteria areas on the rubric (see attached file).


1. This is a great introduction activity that you can use for just about any age level. You can modify this activity for Kindergarten or first grade students by having them create a list poem based on the letters used in their first name.
2. You also can modify this activity for any ESOL students in your classroom by giving them the opportunity to write their list poem in their native language and present it to the class in English on their own or with the help of a translator.

Attached Files

Examples of a list poem, List poem rubric.     File Extension: pdf

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