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Sneaky Peeky Symmetry Book

Tracy McDaniel


There's no peeking into this book. Students will want to read and explore each other's books as they guess what could be behind the flap of their Sneaky Peeky Symmetry Book.


The student understands lines of symmetry in two-dimensional shapes (for example, paper folding, ink blot pictures, mirrors).


-6 Small brown paper bags per student and a few extra for instruction
-5 Die cuts (Ellison machine) of animals, objects, numbers, or letters that have a line of symmetry for each student (butterfly, heart, etc.)
-A few extra die cuts to use for instruction and emergencies
-Ziploc bag for each child
-Glue stick for each student
-Markers for each student


1. Gather materials.
2. Set out stapler.
3. Place all materials needed by students in Ziploc bags.


1. Gain the attention of students by telling them that they will be making a Sneaky Peeky Symmetry Book.

2. Show the students a die-cut heart. Ask students where the line should be on the object so that both sides look the same.

3. Have a student show with his/her finger where to draw the line of symmetry.

4. Draw the line and tell the students that this is called the line of symmetry because each side is the same.

5. Fold the heart on the line of symmetry showing the students that both sides are the same or congruent.

6. Glue half of the heart under the flap of a paper bag allowing the other half to show. (The line of symmetry should line up with the edge of the flap of the bag and the flap should be on the right side.) Write on the bag “What am I?”

7. Complete steps 2 through 6 with other two-dimensional objects. Ask the students to show you how they know that it is the line of symmetry. (It folds in half and both halves are congruent.)

8. Put the bags together with the open ends on the left. Fold the open ends under and staple.

9. Read the book to the students.

10. Next, tell the students that they will be making their own Sneaky Peeky Symmetry Book.

11. Hand out supplies and instruct the students to start making their books.

12. As the students are making their books, walk around and check for accuracy.

13. As the students finish, have them go back and write on the front of each bag “What am I?”

14. Last, have the students make their book cover. The students need a title and their name on the sixth bag.

15. Direct students to stack their books together with the book cover on top and the other pages following. (The open end of the bags should be on the left side.)

16. Fold the open-ended sides under and staple each child's book.

17. Allow time for students to share their books with classmates.

18. Collect student books for assessment.


In this formative assessment, the teacher looks for symmetry in each page of the student-produced books. Students who have difficulty completing the task with at least four out of six pages showing a line of symmetry should be given further instruction and the opportunity to reconstruct their books for homework.
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