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The Stock Exchange Phase III

Alice Bobe
Bay District Schools


Using information from the stock exchange, students create a multimedia presentation and present it to the class. This lesson teaches communication and technology skills.


The student uses electronic technology, including word-processing software and electronic encyclopedias, to create, revise, retrieve, and verify information.


-Resource materials about the Stock Exchange including encyclopedia software such as Microsoft's Encarta.
-Presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint
-Storage disk for each student
-Multimedia computer
-Television with CTV converter


1. Have access to multimedia presentation equipment.
2. Become proficient in a presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint.


This is the third part of a three part lesson. Phase I deals with data collection and analysis, including contructing a line graph. In Phase II the students use software to recreate a bar graph and begin developing a multimedia presention. In Phase III the students present their projects to the class.

1. Show an example of a multimedia presentation and explain the mechanics of presentation software.

2. Share the rubric from the attached file with the students, making sure they understand all expectations.

3. Students add graphics, sounds, and transitions to their multimedia presentation slides from the previous Phase II activity. Each student works individually and is assigned a time to use the computer.

4. Each student gives an oral presentation of the project using a presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint.


The assessment is embedded in this activity. The students create a multimedia presentation. They use -The Stock Exchange Scoring Rubric- to guide them through this activity (see Associated File). The teacher uses the rubric to assess the final project and presentation. The total possible points is 100.


Students with varying learning styles or exceptionalities may have a partner and/or work in a small group.

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Attached Files

A rubric for grading the project and the presentation.     File Extension: pdf

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