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What's Your Temperature?

Leslie Gortemoller
Bay District Schools


When students lose their temper, they have trouble calming down. This lesson offers two ways to teach them how to keep from getting “boiling mad.”


The student knows positive ways to handle anger.


-Class set of What’s Your Temperature? (See Associated File)
-Red crayons


1. Practice skit with a fellow teacher. (This skit should be quick and candid.)
2. Download associated file and make a copy for each of your students.
3. Gather a red crayon for each student.


1. Perform a skit detailing the reaction of someone breaking your toy. Have a fellow teacher help you with the skit. One has a toy and the other takes it and breaks it. The victim then stomps around and gets “boiling mad.”

2. Ask the students if they have ever lost their temper. How would they feel if their friend broke their toy? Pass out the worksheet from the associated file and the red crayons. Ask the students to color up to the line that displays how they would feel if a friend broke their toy.

3. Encourage the students to share their experiences with losing their temper.

4. Explain that today we will learn how to stop our temper from rising to the point of getting “boiling mad.”

5. Have the students practice counting to ten all together. Explain that they should pretend that they are really mad and then count to ten. Tell them to feel their body relaxing as they count from 1 to 10. Tell them that this is one way to keep from losing their temper.

6. Explain that there is another way to keep from losing their temper. Tell the students that taking a deep breath can help them relax when they are mad. Have the students practice taking deep breaths.

7. Tell the students that we are going to pretend to be mad and use our two steps to relax. Explain that we will do this together. Show the students how to do this by demonstrating it for them. Clinch your fists and grit your teeth. Then, begin to count from 1 to 10. Show the students that you are relaxing. This will give them a visual of what they should be doing. When you have reached 10, take a deep breath.

8. Tell the students that using these two steps can help them keep from losing their temper.

9. Have the students complete the bottom of the worksheet. They should write the two ways to keep from losing their temper. Their answers should look like this: 1.Count to ten 2. Take a deep breath


-Use completed worksheets to formatively assess the students' ability to identify two ways to handle anger in a positive way.
-As a formative assessment, students can be observed counting to ten and taking a deep breath.

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