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My First Number Book

Jan McRight


Students produce a book that includes a page for numbers 0-10. On each page they write the numeral, the word for that numeral and place the correct number of stickers to represent the numeral. The cover includes a title, student's name and an illustration.


The student reads and writes numerals to 10 or more.


-Duplicate the example included in the associated file (6 sheets per student cut in half) OR use 12 sheets of 6” x 9” drawing paper, per student
-Pencils, crayons and markers for each table
-Assorted stickers, 55 per student
-Gallon freezer bag for each student
-One stapler and staples for the teacher to use


1. Copy the example page from the associated file.
2. Have the page copied for each student.
3. Cut paper in half.
4. Prepare a sample book for the classroom library.
5. Organize the pencils, crayons and markers for each workstation.
6. Write students' names on the freezer bags.
7. Divide the paper and stickers into the freezer bags.
8. Prepare a freezer bag for teacher use during the demonstration.


1. “Today we are going to begin our 0-10 number book.”

2. “When you have completed your book, you will be able to take it home and share it with your family.”

3. Show the students a finished book.

4. Read the book together.

5. Divide the students into working groups and pass out the materials.

6. Demonstrate how to complete one of the number pages.

7. Pull out one page from your bag.

8. Demonstrate where to write the numeral 0.

9. Write the word “zero” on the line.

10. “How many stickers do we need to show a set of zeros? Great job! None!”

11. “Put this completed page on your name.” (Names are attached to their table to identify their space.)

12. Take out another page from your bag.

13. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for page one.

14. Take the number of stickers for “one” from your bag. Demonstrate where to stick the sticker.

15. Repeat for pages two and three.

16. At the end of the day, have students put their completed pages in their freezer bags.

17. On day one, complete pages 0 through 3.

18. On day two, complete pages 4 through 7.

19. On day three, complete pages 8 through 10, the cover page and put the books together.

20. Students can use the number strips on their table/desk if they need help spelling the words.

21. Walk around the room and give feedback/advice as needed.

22. Ask students to read selected pages as you circulate among them. Give feedback for both correct readings and to correct misread pages.


When the pages are complete, each student assembles their book, in numerical order, and brings it to the teacher.
Each page should have the numeral, number word and the appropriate number of stickers.
The pages should be in order from 0–10.
The student reads their book to the teacher and then it is stapled together.
Formative assessment and feedback is given to the student during procedures #21 and #22.


1. Students could make a number book for the numbers 11-20.
2. Learners with specific needs could work with a partner.
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