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Marvelous Multipliers

Alonza Holden


Students use manipulatives to multiply.


The student explains and demonstrates the meaning of multiplication (for the repeated addition, array, and area models) using manipulatives, drawings, number sentences, and story problems.


- 4 Pokemon trading cards or other popular trading cards ( teacher use )
- 20 overhead projector pennies ( teacher use )
- 25 overhead projector counters (teacher use )
- Overhead projector
- 25 pig counters or other counters for each cooperative group


1. Gather needed materials.
2. Select three multiplication problems (with products less than or equal to 25) as examples.
3. Select eight multiplication problems (with products less than or equal to 25) for group assignment.


1. Place 4 Pokemon cards (or other popular trading cards) on the board.

2. Write 5 cents under each card.

3. Ask students, how can we find out how much it will cost to buy all of the posted cards?

4. Explain and demonstrate how multiplication can be used to solve the problem (using the repeated addition method, arrange overhead projector pennies in 4 rows of 5). Tell the students that each card costs 5 cents, so we can add 5 cents four times to find the total and thats why we have 4 rows of 5 pennies on the screen.

5. Have the students count the pennies aloud.

6. Demonstrate the model of arranging the pennies into rows and counting the total by drawing 4 rows of 5 counters ( circles, squares, etc.) on the overhead projector.

7. Write the problem and solution as a multiplication sentence ( 4 X 5 = 20 ) on the overhead projector. Explain that this operation is the same as adding 4 groups of 5.

8. Demonstrate 3 more multiplication problems with products less than or equal to 25 (Use overhead counters to make the appropriate rows, draw rows of counters to represent the overhead counters, and write the multiplication sentences).

9. Write 3 X 4 = on the screen and select a student to arrange counters in 3 rows of 4 to solve the problem. Tell students this method can be used to solve any multiplication fact and all of you will become marvelous multipliers today when you use this method to solve multiplication problems within your group.

10. Arrange the students into cooperative groups of four.

11. Distribute counters (25) to each group.

12. Write 8 multiplication problems on the overhead projector.

13. Tell the students to solve the problems by using counters and drawing counters on a sheet of paper.

14. Monitor and assist groups as needed.


As a formative assessment, observe the studentsí ability to demonstrate and explain the process of multiplication as they complete the group assignment. In addition, assess the studentsí cooperative skills- staying on task, staying with the group, everyone participates, and using classroom voices.


The lesson can be modified for more advanced learners by raising the product maximum. In addition, the lesson can be modified for students that may experience difficulty grasping the concept by reducing the product ( for example; selecting problems with products less than or equal to ten ).
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