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Buttons R Us

Randy Bowne
Miami-Dade County Schools


The students compare buttons by attributes. Using their data, the students create different types of graphs demonstrating what they have learned.


The student records data using pictures, concrete materials, or tally marks.


-Variety of buttons for sorting
-Button sorting worksheet (see Associated File)
-Venn Diagram (teacher-made)
-Chart paper (one per group)
-Markers or crayons


1. The attached document is a chart to help assessment of the project and should be downloaded. It is a word document labeled “Sorting and Graphing Buttons Worksheets” . Duplicate the chart for all students.
2. Obtain a variety of buttons for sorting.


1. Ask students to compare the buttons on their and other attire in the classroom.

2. Distribute buttons.

3. Have students identify button attributes.

4. Record student responses on chart paper.

5. Demonstrate graphic organizers of Venn Diagram on chalkboard.

6. Next, divide students into small groups. Students at table one work together, table two work together, continue until tables three, four, five and six are all grouped together by the number of their table.

8. Distribute sorting worksheets to each group. (see Associated File)

9. Children sort buttons according to the number of holes.

10. Next, use a Venn Diagram to denote similarities/difference of various buttons.

11. Have each group construct a graph displaying how the buttons were sorted.

12. When finished, all groups make a presentation to the class.

13. List conclusions/observations.


Presentations will demonstrate conclusions each group collected showing similarities/differences of their buttons.
The teacher will assess the student's data and check to see if they have completed their Venn Diagram, as well as their button sorting sheet. Then as a class, share their data and conclusions.


1. Read [The Button Box] by Margarette S. Reid.
Publisher, Scott Foresman (May 1995)
2. Guessing game may be played. (Similar to the one in the story.)
3. Students can create a picture using buttons in a circular picture.
4. Additional graphs using a variety of materials can be recorded.

Attached Files

Sorting and graphing charts.     File Extension: pdf

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