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Survey Surfing

Sharon Ussery
Hardee County Schools


Let's go surfing, Now! Students will love getting involved with surveys when you start surfing with this ocean theme. Students will have fun, and they will learn things about their classmates.


The student surveys a small group to answer a simple question involving two categories or choices (for example, students who bring lunches or students who buy lunches).


-Chart paper
-Attached files
-Four different colors of crayons
-Surfin' U.S.A., Nick Venet, 1963(music)


-make overhead for the lesson (if needed)
-gather beach music for the lesson


1. Introduce the lesson by playing the music from Surfin' U.S.A., Nick Venet, 1963 or any other beach music you have.

2. Ask the students one at a time which fish they like from the attached file. The teacher will then record the information on the provided file.

3. Graph each child’s answer using tally marks. You may use the provided graph on an overhead or make one using chart paper.

4. Tell the students that it is their turn to find out information. They will do this by going around the room and surfing for information about their classmates.

5. Pass out the attached file called “Surfing for Food” to each child.

6. Explain to them that they are to go around the room and ask at least seven different students what their favorite food is. As each child finds out the information they are to put a tally mark by the picture of that food.

7. Remind the students how to record their tally marks.

8. Have the students record their results on their own graph paper.

9. Invite the students to share their results with the rest of the class.

10. Display the graphs in the classroom or on an outside board.


The students will be formatively assessed by teacher observation and the student's abilty to use a tally sheet correctly.


1. Students can do tally marks on different topics.
2. If a students is having problems recording the tally marks, have them team up with a student helper.

Attached Files

Two tally mark surveys for the students and teacher to use.     File Extension: pdf

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