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Morning Activity

Renette Miret
Miami-Dade County Schools


The morning activity is a series of steps that requires students to locate and interpret daily classroom situation using oral, print or visual information for a correct response. The students are involved throughout the lesson.


The student reads for information used in performing tasks (for example, directions, graphs, charts, signs, captions).


-Access to website (see Weblinks)
-Alternate Assessment Portfolio/Morning Activity Checklist (see Attached File)
-Bulletin board materials (see Preparation)


1. Download the associated file and make the appropriate number of copies for each student in the class.
2. Make attendance cards for each student in the class. The attendance cards can be put on any size index card. The cards need to have on them the student's name and a picture of the student on it.
3. Next, make the attendance poster board. (This is where the student's will place their attendance cards in to sign in.) The poster board should be labeled attendance and have the appropriate number of envelopes on it to reflect the number of students in your class.
4. The schedule board is a poster board that you can label with whatever title you choose (Today's Activities or What's Happening in Miret's Room Today!). After it is labeled, pockets should be placed on the board to reflect the number of activities happen in a day for example: arrival, breakfast, P.E., music, prevocational time, etc.) The pockets can be envelopes. The activity cards that will be placed in the envelops can be index cards and they should be labeled with the name of the activity and have a corresponding picture on it.
5. The Lunch Menu Board is a poster board that is labeled and laminated with velcro strip to put laminated food items that have the counterpart of the velcro strips so they can attach to the board. The food items can be pictures you find in magazines, you can cut them out and put the counter part of velcro strip on it so it adhere's to the lunch menu bulletin board. Each school usually has a monthly calendar for lunch menu that's where the food item list develops. (hamburger, milk, french fries, apple, pizza, etc.)
6. As far as the weather section of the Morning Activity the material needed for this section can be made. (draw/color/laminate - sun/rain drop/thunderbolt)
7. Gather up student name cards for attendance, food items cards for lunch menu and schedule cards for daily schedule.
8. Make sure all bulletin boards have material in a place where students can access them.
9. Have the sign of the day ready. ( picture and be able to model the ASL sign)
10. Have chairs set up in a semi-circle.


1. Set up the classroom with the student’s chair in a semi-circle facing the bulletin board and the instructor will stand in front of the class. Instructor will say, “It is time to begin the lesson.” Get the student’s attention by smiling and saying/signing “Good Morning.”

2. The teacher will than shake the student’s hands and say their name and say/sign good morning.

3. The teacher will say/sign is Johnny here today? Can you raise your hand? Give wait time for Johnny’s response. If he independently response give verbal praise – good job raising your hand Johnny. He might need you to model, use a verbal prompt, point to him or use a sign for the response. Continue this process for the whole class.

4. Ask who is absent today? Use verbal, physical, and ASL prompts to enlist the required response.

5. Calendar is next. Sing a song. Hum it to an up beat tune. The words are the following: Today is Monday, today is Monday that’s what it is today "Today is Monday today is Monday that’s what it is today "Monday- Monday – that’s what it is today". Sign Monday while you are singing. Choose a student to place a calendar date on the calendar. Go around the semi-circle and have each student demonstrate the ASL sign for Monday. Use verbal prompts, physical prompt, model response and wait time.

6. Next discuss the weather. Ask the class the following questions. Do you remember when you arrived at school what the weather was like? Was it raining? Was it Sunny? Go around the semi-circle and work one on one with each student. Use the same techniques as before give wait time, or verbal/physical/ASL/modeling prompts to assist students in giving their responses.

7. Before the lesson you have already chosen a sign for the day. At this point you will be modeling this sign for the students. Go around the semi-circle and request responses from each student’s to give you the sign of the day. Remember to give the required wait time and prompts depending on the individual student.

8. Take out the schedule cards. Tell the students that you are going over our day …. Ask the student’s how did we get here? Give student time to answer. Use the same techniques as before. The student who raises their hand with the correct response "We arrived by bus." Give this student the arrival card (it has a picture of a bus) than the student will place the arrival card in the pocket on the bulletin board that is labeled schedule it will be the first card. Remember each classroom schedule will be set up differently depending on your daily activities. Make cards to reflect your day’s schedule. (For ex: P.E, Music, Prevocational or independent work etc.)

9. Use the monthly calendar to find out what that day’s lunch is before the lesson. Using the appropriate Velcro food cards show the student the food items. Ask the student’s what is this? Wait for a student to raise their hands to give their response. (Verbal/ASL sign) Have then student place the food item on the lunch bulletin board. Use the same technique for all the items for lunch.

10. Ask the class the following questions "Who is going to work today?
Who is going to work independently?" Give the students time to respond. Each student should raise their hands than go to either their work area or get ready to go to work.


As a formative assessment, students will be able to locate, interpret and use oral, print, or visual information for a variety of purposes during the morning activity. Use the Morning Activity Checklist as an alternate assessment (see Attached File)


This is set up for a Trainable Mentally Handicapped/Emotional/Deaf/Hard of Hearing classroom - grades 5th to 12th (age goes up to 21 yrs).

Use sign language. Use of modeling required response, verbal/physical prompts or wait time should be used throughout the lesson.

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A rubric and checklist to access student performance.     File Extension: pdf

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