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Scrumptious Subs

Alice Mensitieri
Orange County Schools


Student will distinguish between and convey needed items when speaking to get a desired result.


The student speaks for different purposes (for example, informing, entertaining, expressing ideas).


-Deli paper hat
-Deli paper or tinfoil
-Submarine Sandwich Rolls
- Sliced Ham
-Sliced Turkey
-Peanut Butter
-Large marshmallows
-Squeezable Mustard
-6 plastic knives


1.Try to create a real world scenario for the student.
2. Assemble one to two tables depending on how many adults are able to assist (rectangular tables work well for plenty of room).
3. Gather sandwich materials or ask parents for donations. Some grocery stores may be willing to provide materials.
4. Create the checklist. (see assessment)


1. The teacher puts on the apron and places the paper deli hat on head. Enthusiastically state to the students that they are now at the Learning Deli and that they are going to get to order a scrumptious submarine sandwich!

2. Have students discuss the different types of sandwiches that they enjoy to eat and the items that make up that sandwich.

3. State and hold up the items individually that the students will be choosing from. The choices are peanut butter, jelly, turkey, ham, cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, cheese, and marshmallows.

4. Model to the students how to order a sandwich and state items needed.

5. Have the students’ line up in front of the tables to place their orders. Have the teacher (and other adult(s), if available)on one side of the table and the student on the other side.

6. Interact with one student at a time. Direct the student to state each item for review. Check off the items identified correctly on the checklist. (see assessment)

7. Greet and ask the student what type of sandwich they would like to order. Begin to prepare the sub sandwich.

8. Proceed by asking the student which item is needed first and place that item on the sandwich. Then ask the student which is needed next and place that item on the sandwich, and so on until the sandwich is complete. If the student states an item and then changes his mind allow the student to choose another item. If the student states that he or she wants a certain item proceed even if he or she is not creating the sandwich specified. If the student selects cheese for the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, for example, the teacher may ask, “does cheese go on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?” If the student replies yes then proceed by putting the cheese on the sandwich.

9. Instruct students to return to their desk with the sandwich. They may begin to eat the sandwich.

10. Discuss results as a group and pose questions related to the activity. As a follow up, students may draw a picture and/ or use colored construction paper to recreate the sandwich.


As a formative assessment, students can be observed participating in the sandwich making activity and the results.
Create a checklist for:
-Identification of sandwich items
-Sandwich ordered is what is created according to the student


Picture symbols, pointing and/ or communication boards may be used for the student. The student may choose from the pictures what is needed to create the sandwich and match the pictures to the actual items.
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