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Do You Have the Money?

Maria Ramdas


Using a combination of coins and currency, the students will work in groups and use a menu to estimate if they have enough money to purchase a meal.


The student using real-world settings, objects, graph paper, or charts, solves problems involving estimated measurements including the following: length to nearest inch, centimeter; weight to nearest pound, kilogram; time to nearest half-hour interval; temperature to nearest five-degree interval; and money to the nearest $1 or $10 (combination of coin and currency).


- Teacher-made worksheet
- Play money
- Envelopes to place money in
- Snack/ snacks with a price on it
- Timer
- Standard to be posted or written where student can see it


1. Decide how into many groups you will divide your class, taking into consideration exceptional education students and learning modalities.
2. Each group will be given an envelope of play oney with a combination of bills and coins that add up to $5. Make sure you have extras just to be on the safe side.
3. Make copies of worksheets for groups.
4. Provide a snack or two ( fruit, candy, or cookies).
5. Prepare price tag for snack that is less than $1 and does not end in zero.


NOTE: Estimation of money is the part of the standard addressed in this lesson plan.

1. Present a snack with a price tag to the class. The price will not end in zero and be less than $1.

2. Ask class to give a combination of coins to match the price tag on the snack.

3. Review examples of money combinations.

4. Ask class to estimate to the nearest ten the price of the snack.

5. Review how to estimate.

6. State the standard and tell the objective of the day (estimation and money combination).

7. Divide class into groups being aware of exceptionalities and modalities.

8. Pass out worksheets. (See attachment.)

9. Give directions to the class on how the groups will work. Everyone in each
group has to participate. If someone does not understand, a member of the group will explain the problem. If understanding does not take place, raise your hand as the teacher will be walking around the room assisting the groups. The group will have a leader and a recorder for the problems 1 and 2.

10. For the combo meal portion, each student will create his or her own combination.

11. After 25-30 minutes of working time (timer will be helpful), review of the assignment will take place.

12. Combo meal assignments by individuals will be turned in.

13. Assess the activity.


On the menu worksheet, each student will create a combo meal using the items in the menu without going over $5.00.


For the exceptional education students, prepare their envelopes with more dimes and no pennies. Pennies are not necessary as we are estimating the amounts. Example: 2 one dollar bills, 4 quarters, 15 dimes, 10 nickels. More dimes would be helpful as they are estimating the amount.

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