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How Does It Sound?

Letashia Betsey


The students will participate in a game that uses the elements of grammar in an inappropriate way. They will transform the inappropriate grammar into grammatically correct statements.


The student uses elements of grammar in speech (including but not limited to present, past, future, and progressive verb tenses; subject-verb agreement; pronoun references; word order).


-One sheet of notebook paper per student
-One pen or pencil per student
-Do You Remember? Activity Sheet (see Associated Files)
-Teacher Note Cards (see Associated Files)
-Scoring Rubric (see Associated Files)


1. Obtain the documents Do You Remember?, Teacher Note Cards, and the Scoring Rubric from the Associated Files.
2. Make ample copies of Do You Remember? for the entire class.
3. Preview the procedures to familiarize yourself with the lesson.
4. Enlarge the Teacher Note Cards (see Associated Files) so that they are big enough for the whole class to view simultaneously.


BACKGROUND: Prior instruction should include a lesson on the rules of subject/ verb agreement, progressive verb tenses, pronoun reference, and word order.

1. Tell students that today we will review speaking the English Language in a grammatically correct manner.

2. Review the concept of speaking grammatically correct at all times and the effect that this way of speaking can have on one in the real world.

3. Distribute the attention-getter activity sheets to the students entitled Do You Remember?. (See associated files.)

4. Have the students complete Do You Remember? activity sheets individually.
5. As students are completing their activity sheets, monitor their work by rotating around the classroom and assisting those who may need it.

6. After completion of Do You Remember?, review the activity sheet by reading the grammatically incorrect phrases aloud and asking for volunteers to correct each phrase from the answers generated on their activity sheets. Students can either verbalize the answers, or they can be written on the board for view of the class.

7. Tell students that now we will play a game entitled How Does It Sound?

8. Have students take out pens or pencils, one sheet of notebook paper each, and number their papers from 1 to 10.

9. Tell students that you will hold up displays of grammatically incorrect phrases, and they are to rewrite the phrases the correct way on their sheets of paper.

10. Make the announcement that you are about to begin the game.

11. Hold up the cards one at a time, for about two minutes each, in numerical order.

12. Upon completion of the game, ask if there are any cards that need to be redisplayed; if so, display them again.

13. Collect each studentís sheet of notebook paper.
14. Upon collection of papers use the Scoring Rubric (located in the associated files) to score each individual paper.


The teacher should formally assess the results of the How Does it Sound? game. Each student should have demonstrated mastery by correctly rewriting eight of the ten grammatically incorrect statements. The teacher should also use the Scoring Rubric as an assessment tool for the results of the How Does it Sound? game.
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