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Help! Help! Someone Is Hurt!

Rebecca Weston


This lesson is designed to teach students a programmed response to any emergency situation that they may encounter during physical education classes without pandemonium breaking out.


The student demonstrates appropriate responses to emergency situations associated with physical activity (e.g., remain calm, keep injured person still, and seek help).


-Chalk board


1. Teacher must have chalk, marker or something to write responses on the board.
2. Teacher must have the room reserved for classroom activity


1. Ask students if they have ever broken a bone, fallen off their bikes or have been injured while playing around. Allow for a few minutes of discussion.

2. Explain that in a physical education class different emergencies may arise due to the nature of the class and everyone needs to be prepared as to what to do.

3. Explain the blanket 4-step procedure that will be used throughout the year whenever an emergency happens, (remain calm, keep injured person still without touching any blood, seek help and keep the crowd away from victim) and the importance of following each step.

4. Demonstrate, using students as actors, how to put these 4 steps into practice.

5. Ask students to give a number of areas that an accident may occur while in physical education class. (fields, locker room, exercise numbers, track, etc.)

6. Ask students why it is important not to come in contact with blood from another student or accident victim.

7. Divide students into groups of 4 or 5 for role playing. Have one student be the injured person, one student using the 4 step response procedure and the others will play the crowd. Rotate through different scenarios so that each person in the group has been the victim, the response person and a member of the crowd.

8. Monitor the groups as the students are practicing the 4-step safety procedures.

9. Ask how the students felt about performing the 4 steps.

10. Ask if these 4 steps can be used in other emergency situations outside of PE classes and allow for discussion.


The student will demonstrate the 4-step procedure used in a variety of emergency situations.

Step 1 - Student remained calm in voice inflection and subdued body motions.

Step 2 - Student verbally calmed the injured student and physically subdued any flailing.

Step 3 - Student verbally asked for help from the person in charge or sent for help.

Step 4 - Student told the crowd to stand back and physically motioned for them to clear away.


This lesson is very adaptable to ESOL/ESL learning as the 4 steps are easily translated into the different languages and most of the lesson is responding to a visual situation and sight has no language barrier.
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