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NFL Logos for You

John Weston
Collier County Schools


This lesson is intended to teach students the proper method for downloading computer graphics from the Internet and to save them to their home directory or floppy disk. Sixteen NFL team logos will be downloaded.


-Computer for each student (probably need use of a computer lab)
-ISP (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.)
-Chalkboard, overhead, or LCD projector
-Screen (if overhead or LCD projector is used)
-List of names for 16 NFL teams
-Storage devices such as floppy disks for each student if computers not networked so students don’t have a home directory


1. Make sure to reserve the computer lab (if necessary) so that each student has a computer.
2. Check to see if all computers are operable and have an ISP installed.
3. Secure a projector and screen if needed (if using chalk board, be sure that there is chalk and erasers)
4. Make a list of 16 NFL teams and write them on the board or on the appropriate medium
5. Obtain enough floppy disks so that each student will have one to use if they don’t have a home directory on the network
6. Familiarize yourself with the web site,, and downloading one of the graphics
7. Rehearse the things that you will be presenting in the lesson


NOTE: This lesson deals only with graphics.
1. Ask students if they would like to be able to get pictures from the Internet to use with their PowerPoint presentations or other projects.

2. Tell the students that they will learn how to do that in the lesson that they will be doing during the period.

3. Give the students a basic overview of the lesson, explaining the activities and what is required.

4. Students will then be presented a list of the names of 16 NFL teams (on the board or screen) for which they are to find the team logo using the Website

5. After doing this, instruct the students to click the icon of Internet Explorer and to type in the address box.

6. Model the proper method for finding one of the assigned team logos, for example, the Dallas Cowboys, using this Website.

7. Demonstrate the proper method for correctly saving the logos to their home directory or a floppy disks.

8. Walk about the room observing students and monitoring their success in accomplishing these tasks.

9. After giving the students a few minutes to complete downloading and saving the first logo, encourage students' comments and questions.

10. After all comments and questions are discussed, direct the students to find and save the remaining team logos.

11. Students should be encouraged to help each other.


In order to assess student learning, walk around the classroom observing what each student is doing. Also check each student’s home directory, or floppy disk, to fully evaluate the amount and correctness of their work. A “Commendable” grade would be downloading and saving 14 of the logos under the correct name. An “Acceptable” grade would be at least 12 of the logos and an “Acceptable with Changes” would be at least 10 of the logos downloaded and saved correctly.

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