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Eating for Two

Michelle Groce
Collier County Schools


Students learn how to keep a food diary and prepare a Healthy Meals Chart in order to assist them in making healthy choices regarding the foods they eat while pregnant.


The student knows various strategies to use when applying the decision-making process regarding healthy habits (eg., ways to avoid junk foods).


-YOUR PREGNANCY AND NEWBORN JOURNEY, A GUIDE FOR PREGNANT TEENS by Jeanne Warren Lindsay and Jean Brunelli, Morning Glory Press, Buena Park, CA, 1998 or related resource.
-Handout 1- Anticipation Guide (see associated file)
-Handout 2 -I f my baby will weigh eight pounds, why should I gain 35 pounds? (see associated file)
- Food Guide Pyramid (found on Website
-Serving size samples (see associated file)
-Play Food (have food from all food groups)
-Handout 3-Checklist for Healthy Meals Chart (see associated file)
-Computer with Internet for clip art
-Chart paper


1. Print out attachments file which includes the following: Handouts 1, 2, and 3 and one attachment
2. Make one copy of handouts 1, 2, and 3 for each student in class.
3. Get play food with all food groups represented. (Toy store, educational store or catalog)
4. Gather all supplies: chart paper, scissors, glue, magazines, and markers.
5. Have a computer available.


Part I
1. Two days before you are to begin this lesson ask students to keep a food diary for the next two days. Tell them to include everything they eat or drink.

2. Collect the students' food diaries at the beginning of the class when you are to begin this lesson.

3. Students will complete Anticipation Guide. See attached Anticipation Guide. (see attached file)

4. Begin discussion with facts about teenage pregnancy. Text used is YOUR PREGNANCY AND NEWBORN JOURNEY, A GUIDE FOR PREGNANT TEENS by Jeanne Warren Lindsay and Jean Brunelli, Morning Glory Press, Buena Vista, CA, 1998. Facts can be taken from class text or any resource available to teacher.

5. Begin discussion on how much weight the teen should expect to gain while pregnant. Encourage input form all students.

6. Pass out handout: If my baby will weigh 8 pounds, why should I gain 35 pounds.

7. Discuss extra calories needed while pregnant. Be sure to talk about what empty calories are. Include soda and fast food in discussion.

8. Pass out Food Guide Pyramid (See Weblinks.)

9. Go over each food group, citing examples of the different types of food in each group. Have students give examples.

10. Discuss what a serving consists of. (eg., 1 apple, ˝ cup fruit or vegetable juice, 2 ounces of meat). See attachment for examples. (see attached file)

11. Show actual servings using play food of actual servings.

12. Break students up into groups of 2-3. Using play food have the students come up with samples of healthy meals.

13. Have students share with other groups the healthy meals they came up with.

14. Hand back food diaries to students. Have them pair up and compare what they ate for the past two days and discuss if they could have made better choices.

15. Bring students back together and ask them if keeping a food diary made them more conscious of what they were eating. Talk about how this is a good way of monitoring what they are eating and also a way to look back if they are putting on too much weight.

Part II
1. Using magazines or computer clipart, have each student create own Healthy Meal Chart. Chart must include meals for an entire day including snacks. Student must label which food group each food is from, including combination foods. Foods from all four food groups must be represented. Go over Checklist for Healthy Meals Chart so student knows what is expected. (see attached file)

2. Once completed, have students present their charts to class.

3. Hang charts for reinforcements of concepts.

4. Give students back their Anticipation Guides and review as a class.



Student will know two strategies regarding healthy eating habits.
Student will complete a food intake diary for two days.

Student will complete a Healthy Meals Chart for pregnant teens.


Food intake diary will list food intake for two days.

Student will to use food pyramid to complete Healthy Meals Chart.

Healthy Meals Chart will include minimum servings from food pyramid for pregnant teens.

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