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All Mixed Up

Colleen Habhab-Strickland
Sumter County Schools


Oh no! I dropped the color and number word cards! How will I ever get them sorted? This activity actively engages students in identifying and sorting words into the basic categories of color and number.


The student identifies and sorts common words from within basic categories (for example, colors, shapes, foods).


-Pocket chart
-Index cards
-Color Word and Number Word Sort sheets (see associated file)
-Scissors and glue for each student


1. Create color word and number word cards using markers and index cards.
2. Make two category cards using index cards and markers. (COLOR WORDS, NUMBER WORDS)
3. Download and duplicate the activity sheet for each student.


1. Seat students on the floor for class discussion.

2. Have color and number word cards in your hand.

3. Pretend to accidentally drop the cards on the floor.

4. Ask students for help sorting the cards into the appropriate category.

5. Distribute one card to each student. Tell the students not to show anyone their cards. Tell the students they will be doing a sorting activity. Explain sorting as putting things that are similar in a group. Expain to students they will be using two categories to sort the word cards. Ask students if anyone knows what the two categories might be. Listen to student responses. Clairify the two categories will be Color Words and Number Words.

6. On the board have a pocket chart labeled in two categories, color words and number words.

7. Tell the students you will be calling them up one at a time to the pocket chart.

8. Instruct children to read the word card to the class and place the card under the category it belongs.

9. Once the student has placed the card in the category ask the rest of the class whether they agree or not. They should indicate agreement or disagreement with a thumbs up or down. Use this as a formative assessment.

10. If the class is not in agreement give the student the opportunity to explain his/her answer or change the answer.

11. Ask again for a class confirmation with either a thumbs up or down. If the class is still not in agreement ask one of the students who is not in agreement to explain his/her answer. If the class can not come to an agreement the teacher should provide clarification.

12. Upon completion of the chart, have the students read the categories chorally.

13. Tell students you have an activity for them to do. Explain the directions and model the procedure for cut and paste.

14. Send students back to their seats.

15. Hand out the attached file. (Color Word and Number Word sheet) Begin to sort.

16. Have students complete the Color Word and Number Word Sort independently at their seat.

17. Pick up the papers, check and provide
immediate feedback as a formative assessment.

18. As a review, ask student volunteers to explain what it means to sort. Provide different colored linking cubes for students to demonstrate sorting.


Formatively assess students identifying and sorting words by obsering the charts, and reponses in procedure #7, 8 and 9.
Formatively assess completed student Color Word and Number Word Sort sheet. Completed Color Word and Number word activity sheet with 80% accuracy indicates student has mastered sorting words into the basic categories of color words and number words. Any student with less than 80% mastery should receive remediation by either the teacher, assistant, volunteer or student peer.


1. Teacher can create word cards for other categories such as: farm animals, people, city, country, inside, outside.
2. Students can illustrate color and number words.
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