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Egg Carton Math

Gina Widener
Citrus County Schools


Students are asked to recognize numbers 1-10 from a flash card held by the teacher and put the amount of beans in an egg cartoon that corresponds to the number the teacher holds up.


The student counts up to 10 or more objects using verbal names and one-to-one correspondence.


-One egg carton per student
-A bag of 78 beans per student
-One set of flash cards with numbers 1-10
-Book about numbers such as Count-A-Saurus by Nancy Blumenthal. Four Winds Press, New York. 1989.


1. Gather and prepare materials.
2. Establish collection of materials method.
3. Have other counting books available for students to look at after this lesson.


1. To gain students' interest in this lesson read a math story about numbers: for example,Count-A-Saurus by Nancy Blumenthal, Four Winds Press New York, 1989.

2. Model counting orally using a number chart of 1-10, then have students practice counting together with this chart. Be sure to point out how the numbers are made and give hints about how to remember their values. Ask individual children to count aloud and note those who have difficulty.

3. Tell students that they are going to play a game. Demonstrate how the game is played by doing a practice round. Hold up a card with a number on it and count the corresponding number of beans aloud into the egg carton. You may need to do this a couple of times, especially if this is the first time students have counted aloud.

4. Distribute to each child an empty egg carton and a small bag of beans.

5. Review that each student will need to count orally the correct number of beans as he/she places the beans in the hole.The number of beans must match the number on the flash card. As students count, circulate with a checklist of student names. Listen to each child count orally. You will need to revisit all children several times to listen to their counting abilities.


Circulate around room and take anecdotal records, using a checklist of student names, of all students that miss two or more items. Additional feedback and practice will be necessary.


Students can do this lesson in pairs. One student can be in charge of holding up the flash cards and one student can count the beans and place them in the carton. The students can then switch roles and replay.
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