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Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Patty Turbeville
Bay District Schools


This is an introductory lesson in which the students use the Internet to explore and find specific information about the Native American groups that were present in Florida during the 1500's


The student uses supporting ideas, details, and facts from a variety of sources to develop and elaborate the topic.


-Pencil or pen
-Virtual Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
-FLORIDA SOCIAL STUDIES FOR A CHANGING WORLD; Landers, Jane Gilmore. 1995. New York. MacMillan/Mcgraw-Hill School Publishing Company


- Make copies of attached worksheet for each group
- Create bookmarks of the identified sites on computer


1. Discuss the rules for using computers and working independently.

2. Hand out the worksheets and explain to the class that they are going to use their books and the Internet to find the answers to the questions. Model how to look for an answer using the Weblinks listed below. Show students how to skim for information and then record the answer. Also show students how to use the index/table of contents in their books and how to determine key words from the questions.

3. Allow the children time to use resources. Circulate and offer feedback and help to those who need it.

4. Come together and discuss answers to questions.

5. Give students an opportunity to correct wrong answers in a different color of ink.


Assess each student's worksheet. Note those that had many corrections. You will need to ascertain if the problem was due to inability to use a source to locate specific information or inability to read and comprehen the text.

Web Links

Web supplement for Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Web supplement for Virtual Scavenger Hunt

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