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Popsicle Place Value

Sharon Ussery
Hardee County Schools


Picture this! Students “get the picture” by using concrete materials, pictures, or symbols to help them understand place value.


The student uses concrete materials, pictures, and symbols to show the grouping and place value of numbers to 100 or more.


-100 Popsicle sticks
-10 Rubber bands
-Any dark-colored marker
-2 Plastic cups
-Index cards
-Laminated teaching mat (See Associated File)


1. Write on one cup “tens” and on the other cup “ones” using a dark marker.
2. Write the numbers 1-100 on index cards.
3. Copy and laminate the place value teaching mat. (See Associated File)
4. Download the test and make a copy for each student. (See Associated File)


1. Explain to the students that the “Tens” row on the teaching mat stands for 10 ones grouped together.

2. Demonstrate how to group ten popsicle sticks together to represent one group of ten.

3. Show the students what 18 would look like when grouped with popsicle sticks.

4. Place the popsicle sticks in the correct cup.

5. Have the students one at a time pick an index card with a number on it.

6. Have one student at a time group the popsicle sticks correctly and place the sticks in the correct cup.

7. Have the student write the numbers in the correct place value row on the teaching mat.

8. Model the first couple of equations for the students on the board. For example, if the student selects 18 from the index cards, you would write the following equation on the board: 1 ten and 8 ones = 18 ones.

9. Have the students help you read the equation aloud to everyone.

10. Continue this procedure until all the students have had a chance to show the correct answer with the popsicle sticks.


The teacher observes the students during the lesson. A test determines if the students understand the concept of place value. (See Associated File) Those students who do not pass with 80% accuracy should be provided additional assistance by the teacher.

Attached Files

This file contains the teaching mat and the test.     File Extension: pdf

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