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Frantically Fragmented

Summer Zephyr
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After instruction on recognizing sentence fragments, students practice changing the fragments into complete sentences. This is an excellent exercise for ESOL students.


The student uses complete sentences in writing.


-Handout from the associated file
-Overhead or chalkboard
-Computer with Internet access (optional: Internet information can be printed for students.)
-Paper and pencils


1. Prepare transparency or use chalkboard containing information about sentence fragments. See the associated file.

2. Prepare handouts for each student or pair of students.


Note: The benchmark in this lesson is a learner level one benchmark, however, the readability of the paragraph is significantly higher. The paragraph is included only to be an example or to be used with students who are having difficulty with sentence fragments at any level.

1. Discuss the definition of sentence fragments, write examples on the board, and question students to make sure they can recognize sentence fragments.

2. Model how to construct complete sentences using the sentence fragments from the overhead or the chalkboard. Students also come to the board to give examples of how to do this.

3.Students may work individually or with a partner to correct the paragraph (see attached files) containing sentence fragments.

4. One of the students reads the corrected paragraph to the class during the last 10 minutes.

5. Students look at the assessment piece and change it according to the comments the teacher made.


Each student corrects the paragraph individually. (Students may work in pairs to do this assignment if teacher sees that it is needful.)

Criteria: Students have to -use- complete sentences in writing. Students write a five or more sentence paragraph on a simple topic like 'My favorite pet'. Students must make all sentences complete in order to demonstrate mastery of the benchmark.


Even though this is listed under learner level 1, the subject of sentence fragments needs to be addressed at every learner level. The selection of paragraph would be according to grade level.

Students need to see that grammar affects every subject area and should be taught in every subject area.

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