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Geo Jammin' By Design - Day 1, Lesson 3: Moo-vin

Katie Koehnemann
Bay District Schools


Put the meaning of newly introduced vocabulary to the tune of “Hokey Pokey” and children develop an understanding through music and dance. Lyrics are read as a whole group and become a Guided Reading experience where more geometric vocabulary is discovered within.


The student reads informational texts for specific purposes (including but not limited to performing a task, learning a new task, sequentially carrying out the steps of a procedure, locating information to answer a question).

The student knows congruent shapes.

The student identifies and demonstrates slides, flips, and turns of simple figures using concrete materials.

The student transfers patterns from one medium to another (for example, pictorial to symbolic).

The student identifies patterns in the real-world (for example, repeating, rotational, tessellating, and patchwork).


-Copy of each verse of the song on transparency
-Printed copy of each verse of the song (See #5 of Procedures)
-Write lyrics of the song onto chart paper (to display lyrics in the room for duration of the unit)
-Overhead projector with large screen for viewing.
-Room enough for students to moo-ve as they demonstrate the lyrics
-Copy of the Literacy Link parent page for each student.


1) Make transparency copies of each page of lyrics for the song, “Hokey Geo-key.”
2) Print a hard copy for students to read from individually. (See #5 of Procedures)
3) Write the lyrics onto chart paper.
4) Know guided reading strategies.
5) Have an idea as to how you will identify instructional words that students pick out; will you circle them on the charted lyrics or use a separate piece of chart paper?
6) Practice the song so you will be comfortable singing it for the students.
7) Have on hand an overhead projector with large screen for viewing.
8) Make a copy for the Literacy Link parent page for each student.


1) In lesson 2, Dancing Duo, students learned, through movement, how to demonstrate the vocabulary introduced in that lesson. Explain to students, an easy way to remember the steps is to put them to music.

2) Hum the tune “Hokey Pokey,” having students join in.

3) Display the lyrics of the song on the overhead projector. Sing the song for students, pointing to the words as you sing.

4) Teach the lyrics, one verse at a time, to students. Use appropriate guided reading strategies to teach the reading of the lyrics. There are many strategies that can be used for teaching students to read. Be creative and apply these strategies to the whole group experience. Visit the Just Read Now Website for reading strategies. (See Weblinks)

5) Call on various individual students to read the lyrics as others perform the steps. For further individual student assessment, call students up (during self-selected reading would be a good time) to read the lyrics (one verse if time is limited) independently. Offer positive and corrective feedback, which supports reading needs.

6) Students must understand what the lyrics are telling them to do if they are to perform a task. Have students read the lyrics, identifying words they think are important in order to perform the dance, as, which words in the lyrics are informational and important to understanding what you are to do?

7) Formative assessment occurs as students choose the words that are important to know to complete the task. Listen for the explanation and reasons they give for including the words they choose. Offer positive and constructive feedback guiding students to a beginning understanding of how to read informational text. For example: (You say that the words left and right are important informational words, you are correct. Can you tell us why? Yes, they tell us which direction to move in. Thought question: does it matter? Is a slide still a slide if you go to the right?)

8) Students should inquire about the word ‘congruent’ and its meaning. Through critical thinking and reasoning have them come up with what they think congruent means.
For example: Which verse of the song gives us the most information about the word congruent? What phrase is associated with ‘congruent’? What are the informational words in the phrase that give you clues as to what ‘congruent’ might mean?
Add the word ‘congruent’ to the quilt word board.

9) Circle critical words on the charted lyrics as students identify which ones they think are most important. (Optional: prepare a second page on chart paper where you list the informational words students pick out.)

10) Sing and dance with students as they put it all together!

11) Before moo-vin’ to the next lesson, lead students to identify repeating and rotational patterns in the pictures on the transparencies. Also ask, “Is there a pattern in the song itself?”


Formative assessment occurs as students demonstrate understanding of the terms slide, flip, turn, and congruent through their participation in the song and dance, as they select informational text from the lyrics, give reasons for the words they choose and participate in the higher order thinking questions that are asked. Individual assessment occurs as students are called to read the lyrics independently during another time of the day. (See #5 of Procedures)


1) Lesson 3 – Moo’vin; Component – Guided Reading
Lessons 1 – 6 are for Day 1 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
Lessons 7 – 11 are for Day 2 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
Lessons 12 – 17 are for Day 3 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
Lessons 18 – 23 are for Day 4 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
Lessons 24 – 28 are for Day 5 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
Lessons 29 – 32 are for Day 6 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign.
Lessons 33 – 38 are for Day 7 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign

Lessons may reflect modifications of, but are designed in conjunction with the Reading
Framework approach to classroom instruction and may be adapted to the Four Block
2) The Beacon Unit Plan associated with this lesson can be viewed by clicking on the link located at the top of this page or by using the following URL: Once you select the unit’s link, scroll to the bottom of the unit plan page to find the section, Associated Files. This section contains links to the Unit Plan Overview, Diagnostic and Summative Assessments, and other associated files (if any).
3) Literacy Link – Send home to parents a copy of the Literacy Link parent page and a copy of the lyrics.
4) Utilize this song throughout the duration of the unit. Lyrics should be written on chart paper and be displayed in the room. Students should have the opportunity to read the song as well as sing it many times throughout the unit.

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