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Geo Jammin' By Design - Day 3, Lesson 12: Jammin

Katie Koehnemann
Bay District Schools


Utilizing learning aides, students are guided through a fast-paced review of vocabulary, language arts, geometry, and social studies concepts. Participation in choral reading, performance, and sharing of ideas are the means of concept clarification.


The student reads informational texts for specific purposes (including but not limited to performing a task, learning a new task, sequentially carrying out the steps of a procedure, locating information to answer a question).

The student knows congruent shapes.

The student identifies shapes that can be combined or separated (for example, a rectangle can be separated into two triangles).

The student identifies and demonstrates slides, flips, and turns of simple figures using concrete materials.

The student identifies patterns in the real-world (for example, repeating, rotational, tessellating, and patchwork).

The student knows some works of art that reflect the cultural heritage of the community or country (for example, paintings, statues).

The student knows ways trade helps families in different places meet their basic needs of clothing, food, and shelter.

The student knows ways people can conserve and replenish natural resources.


-Hokey Geokey song (Lesson 3, Moo-vin’), Quilt word board (Lesson 2, Dancing Duo), and Snug in the Rug poem (Lesson 5, Snug in a Rug).
-Desks pushed back so there is room for students to move
-Recording of the tune Hokey Pokey if available (Ask the music teacher for a copy or if the tune can be played on a piano and recorded for use in the classroom.)


1) Move classroom furniture aside allowing room to perform.
2) Display learning aides where students can see them.
3) Record tune of Hokey Pokey.


Note: Make certain all students have a turn and that a few do not dominate the activities.
1) Prior to students entering the classroom, move furniture aside. Rearrangement of the furniture will gain students’ attention.

2) Ask students to spread out around the room.
Students participate in the following activities from where they stand.
*Read each word on the Quilt word board aloud for the class. (Or choose various students to read the words.)
For each word read, call on a student to give the definition or an example of it.
Formative assessment occurs as peers accept or fix the given meaning. If it needs fixing or expanding, allow the selected child to call on a friend for help.
*Read the poem. Call on individual students to identify key geometric vocabulary. (Repeat formative assessment procedures.) Read in parts, chorally, etc.
*Read the song lyrics using various oral reading strategies.
*Dance the Hokey Geokey as the music plays. Call on individuals, small groups, and partners to perform offering positive and corrective feedback as peers formatively assess the accuracy of the moves.

3) Call on students to share something they remember about the history of quilting, quilting as an art that reflects our cultural heritage, trade, and conservation of resources. Students can be guided to think back to [Quilt Story, Ox Cart Man], and “Stitch in Time.” (See sample questions that have been provided with each of these lessons, [Quilt Story] (Lesson 6),[ Ox Cart Man] (Lesson 10, Wanna Trade), and “Stitch in Time” (Lesson 11).

4) Students move furniture back in place and get ready for Lesson 13.


Formative assessment occurs as vocabulary words are defined and redefined by students and their peers, by the accuracy of their performance of the words slide, flip, turn, congruent, by the correctness to identify keywords in the poem, and accuracy of ideas about the history and cultural value of quilts.


1) This is Lesson 12 – Jammin’; Component – Working With Words
Lessons 1 – 6 are for Day 1 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
Lessons 7 – 11 are for Day 2 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
Lessons 12 – 17 are for Day 3 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
Lessons 18 – 23 are for Day 4 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
Lessons 24 – 28 are for Day 5 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign
Lessons 29 – 32 are for Day 6 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign.
Lessons 33 – 38 are for Day 7 of the unit Geo Jammin’ By DeSign

Lessons may reflect modifications of, but are designed in conjunction with the Reading Framework approach to classroom instruction and may be adapted to the Four Block Classroom.

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