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Body Systems, Part I

Candace Parker
Bay District Schools


Students work with the systems of the body through research.


The student selects and uses a variety of appropriate reference materials, including multiple representations of information, such as maps, charts, and photos, to gather information for research projects.

The student understands the functions of the human body systems.


-Multimedia computer and printer
-Access to the Internet
-Encyclopedia software such as Encarta
-Reference books
-Notebook paper, pencils, and drawing paper
-Body System Research Rubric (See Associated File)


1. Acquire various encyclopedia software such as Encarta, Compton's, or Grolier.
2. Preview and list appropriate Websites for student use.
3. Check out appropriate reference materials from the media center.
4. Coordinate software and equipment for student use.


Background: This activity is scheduled to take place after students have read and discussed an overview of the systems of the human body from their textbooks and other supplementary materials.

1. Organize students into groups of three or four.

2. Instruct each group to choose a system of the body for in-depth study.

3. Students spend time gathering information on their selected body systems from various available resources including the Internet.

4. Students discuss and record, in report form, five important facts about the body system.

5. Groups draw and label a diagram of the system to include in the report.


The students research and write a report in various groups. The groups use the Body System Research Rubric (See Associated File) to guide them through this activity. Groups use the rubric as their self-assessment and must submit it with their final reports.


Body Systems, Part II, is an extension of this lesson. Students use the information from this lesson to develop a presentation using software such as Powerpoint. Student groups should be organized to include students with varying exceptionalities.

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