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Create Your Save And Rave Box

Christy Clanton
Bay District Schools


Create Your Save And Rave Box engages students in creating a design from pattern block shapes that incorporates the principles of symmetry, congruency, and similarity, as well as flips, slides, and turns of some of the shapes used.


The student understands the concepts of spatial relationships, symmetry, reflections, congruency, and similarity.

The student predicts, illustrates, and verifies which figures could result from a flip, slide, or turn of a given figure.


-Individual unused pizza boxes
-Pattern blocks
-Pattern block templates
-Student pencils
-Plain paper, cut the size of the pizza box surface area
-Laminating film and machine ( the kind that laminates one side only)
-Crayons or colored pencils
-Student copies of Save and Rave Criteria Sheet


1. Arrange pizza box donations
2. Gather materials
3. Coordinate a volunteer for laminating the students designs


1. Teacher tells the class that they will create their own Save and Rave Box, which is really a 3-D portfolio.
2. Team material handlers pass out empty pizza boxes and pattern blocks.
3. Students work in teams of four, sharing ideas as they arrange their pattern block designs to include symmetry, congruency, and similarity, as well as flips, slides, and turns. This step is very involved if students have not explored these concepts with pattern blocks prior to this activity.
4. The teacher models creating her own Save and Rave Box as the students work, sharing the Save and Rave Criteria Sheet with the class. The teacher asks individuals and teams if they think she is meeting the scoring criteria of the criteria sheet.
5. The teacher models using a plain piece of paper to -record- their design, by drawing the pattern block shapes with pattern block templates.
6. Students record their designs onto paper. Designs are colored with crayons or colored pencils.
7. Designs are laminated on one side.
8. Students glue their designs onto the pizza boxes with the laminated side facing up.
9. Students self-assess their box tops using Save And Rave Criteria Sheet.


Students self-assess using Save and Rave Criteria Sheet and conference with the teacher during individual interviews.

Attached Files

Save and Rave Criteria Sheet     File Extension: pdf

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