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Searching for a Career

Joyce Sewell
Bay District Schools


This lesson allows students to do research on careers, take notes on what kind of job they would like to have when they grow up, and construct a timeline for reaching this goal.


The student reads text and determines the main idea or essential message, identifies relevant supporting details and facts, and arranges events in chronological order.

The student writes notes, comments, and observations that reflect comprehension of third-grade or higher level content and experiences from a variety of media.


-Books on jobs, careers, and professions
-Pictures of workers and professionals such as policemen, astronauts, doctors
-Materials for making a timeline


1. Collect books about jobs, careers, and professions.
2. Collect pictures about workers, such as a policeman, a doctor, and an astronaut.
3. Have encyclopedias available.


1. Hold up pictures of some popular jobs, such as a policeman, astronaut, doctor, etc., and discuss whether any of the students have dreamed of what they would like to be when they grow up.

2. Allow the students to share what they would like to be when they are grown.

3. Ask them if they know what kind of training or education would be necessary?

4. Demonstrate to the students how to look up a profession, such as a teacher or doctor, using books or encyclopedias, and find informaton about the career.

5.Show them how to use an index to locate information.

6.To help the students determine the main idea of what they are reading, make a list of the questions they would like to answer when they are doing research about their future career. Here are some examples:
a. Give a description of work that is done by this worker.
b. Find out what kind of training or education is required for this job.
c. How long will it take for you to be trained to do this job?
d. How much will it cost for this training or education?
e. How can you start now to prepare yourself to be in your dream profession?

7. Demonstrate how to take notes from the information they are reading. Tell students that your dream career was to become a teacher. Locate the information on becoming a teacher in the sources provided. On an index card, record the following information to model for students what they will need to do:
a. List the title of the source and the author's name.
b. Write the main idea and supporting details and facts.

8. Allow students time to read and do research on the dream career of their choice. At the same time, they should take notes to answer some of the questions that they have listed on the board.

9. Using this information, students make a timeline for reaching your career goal.


This lesson can be assessed by teacher observation of students as they locate and take notes about their dream careers. They can work with a partner or independently to locate information and take notes. They will prepare a timeline to show how long it will take to achieve their careers.

4 - The student locates information about his or her dream career and finds details to answer all of the questions that are listed on the board. His or her notes are focused and contain many details with only one or two errors. He or she uses notes to prepare a timeline.

3 - The student finds information about his or her dream career and locates details to answer most of the questions that are listed on the board. His or her notes are great and contain some details with only three or four errors. He or she produces a timeline.

2 - The student locates the main idea and some details and is able to answer some of the questions listed on the board. his or her notes are satisfactory with few details and five or six errors. He or she makes a timeline.

1 - The student has some notes and a few details with seven or more errors. He or she may or may not have a timeline.

0 - Work is incomplete.


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