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Let's Go Shopping

Beverly Iacobellis
Bay District Schools


This lesson reinforces the math skills needed by our students to become wise consumers.


The student adds, subtracts, and multiplies whole numbers, decimals, and fractions, including mixed numbers, and divides whole numbers to solve real-world problems, using appropriate methods of computing, such as mental mathematics, paper and pencil, and calculator.


-Access to the student online lessons available from the Beacon Learning Center
-Empty food containers (a cereal box, few cans of vegetables, a box
of crackers, a carton of milk, and a box of cookies)
-Several small toys (balls, frisbees, puzzles, coloring books, crayons, etc....)
-Menus from various fast food restaurants
-School store items (erasers, paper, pencils, envelopes, folders, glue,
and rulers)
-Teacher made task cards (see Associated File for samples)
-Posterboard for making signs
-Magic markers


1. Make sure the computer is on and connected to the Beacon Learning Center's student online lessons.
2. Make sure you have the items needed for the stations.
3. Make sure you have the signs and task cards ready for the various stores.
4. Make sure you have pre-priced the items in the stores.


1. The teacher can use this activity to reinforce previous lessons on adding purchases and making change.
2. The teacher sets up five stations in the classroom.
3. One station is a computer station with related student online lessons from the Beacon Learning Center.
4. The other four stations are setup with task cards and items for the children to complete.
5. The items in the four -selling- stations are pre-priced before the lesson begins.
6. The first station is a grocery store selling cans, boxes, and cartons of food.
7. The second station is a toy store selling small toys.
8. The third station is a fast food restaurant selling fast food.
9. The fourth station is a school store selling various school supplies.
10. The children are assigned to a station.
11. They have about 10 minutes to complete the task at each station.
12. The teacher has a timer set for 10 minutes. When the timer rings, the children advance to the next station.
13. The students should complete four task cards during the class period.
14. The children will use one of the following methods to complete the task cards: paper and pencil, mental math, or a calculator.


The teacher evaluates the four task cards completed by each student. Use the following chart to get a final grade:

A - 4 correctly answered task cards
B - 3 correctly answered task cards
C - 2 correctly answered task cards
D - 1 correctly answered task card
F - 0 correctly answered task card

A correctly answered task card includes the following criteria:

1. The student selects the appropriate operation to complete the task card.
2. The student completes the operation and derives a correct answer .
3. The student shows the appropriate work to support their choice of answer.


Each child will be given paper money with the task card. The student will be required to make change using plastic coins and paper dollars. The student will draw a picture of the amount of change they should receive.

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