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Sending Electronic Cards over the Internet

Francheska Jones
Leon County Schools


This activity introduces the students to electronic communication by using the Internet Technology tools. The students send electronic cards, ECards, using Website to communicate with their teacher.


-A parent signed permission form allowing students to use the Internet (consult with your school for the forms).
-A computer with Internet access and Web browsing capabilities.
-Email applications (such as Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Entourage, etc.).
-Copies of How To Send E-Card Doc for each student (reference associated file).


1. Secure parental permission for students to access the Internet (refer to school or district policy).

2. Make sure each computer has an Internet connection and a Web browser. NOTE: This lesson is designed for a Windows user using Internet Explorer, and any email software. MAC users can modify the lesson to meet their needs.

3. Generate a document with the teacher's last name and email address.

4. Make copies of How To Send E-Card Doc. (Refer to attached file pages)


Prior to this lesson, have a discussion concerning Electronic Communication. Discuss specific ways to communicate over the Internet, Email and E-Cards. The teacher should become familiar with the steps below before presenting the lesson plans to the students.

Note: This activity utilizes E-Cards and Email Addresses to communicate over the Internet. Verify that students have had basic Internet training.

1. First, launch the Internet program. Instruct the students to open an Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape).

2. Instruct the students to locate Yahooligans Website by typing the address ( correctly in the Web address area. Verify that each student has the correct Website on the computer.

3. Instruct the students to click on the E-Cards links on the left side of the window.

4. A new window is displayed for the students to make a category selection. Select an E-Card Category by clicking on the link. Note: If the holiday is Fatherís Day select the Fatherís Day Category.

After the student selects a Category the page will display numbers 1-4. The current step are highlighted. Explain to the children there are four steps involved in sending an E-Card (1- Choose a Card, 2- Address the Card, 3-Choose a Message, 4-Preview/Send Card).

5. A new window appears and this is step 1 Ė Choose a Card. Instruct the students to read the titles of the card and select a card by clicking the link below the picture.

6. A new window appears and this is step 2 - Address the Card. Explain to the students to enter the sending and receiving information in this window.
Instruct the students to enter the following information:

In the To box enter the teacher's last name

In the Email box enter your email address

In the From box enter the student's name

Click Choose a Message.

7. A new window appears and this is step 3 - Choose a Message. Explain to the students that this message is displayed with the card. Instruct the students to select a message by clicking the button next to the message and clicking Preview Card.

8. Instruct the students to verify the information on the Web page. In addition have the student to click Play to view the E-Card.

9. After verification is completed instruct the student to click Send Card. Each student should receive a verification page detailing that the E-Card was sent.

Explain to the students that they have completed communicating over the Internet by using E-Cards and verify that each student sent an E-Card by checking your email application. (You may want to demonstrate one of the cards you received if you have the technology to do so.)

10. The teacher verfies that every student sent an E-Card by checking his/her email account. Teachers, go to your Email application and verify you received email from everyone.


Use the criteria presented below to formatively assess the students:

Assessment will be based on the student's ability to proficiently demonstrate the use of technology by:

-demonstrating basic computer skills by using the Internet to send an ECard.

-locating various computer files by finding the Website and performing various tasks to send an ECard.

-communicating with the teacher by entering the email address and sending an ECard. The student writes and sends a message to the teacher in an email format.


If the students are older, the lesson plan can be extended to Day 2. The students can use Website to send another E-Card on Day 2.

Web Links

A fun and educational virtual place that allows the user to send E-Cards

A fun and educational virtual place that allows the user to send E-Cards

Attached Files

How To Send E-card.†††††File Extension: pdf

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