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Let's Edit!

Donna Woods


Fourth grade students pair up with second grade students to edit the second graders' writing for conventions.


The student uses conventions of punctuation (including but not limited to commas in a series, dates, and addresses; beginning and ending quotation marks).

The student uses conventions of capitalization (including but not limited to proper nouns, titles, first word of a direct quotation).


- 2nd grade writing sample transparency
- Pencil
- 2nd grade writing sample (story or essay) for each student
- Overhead and pen
- Peer editing checklist for each student (see attachment)
- One copy of the Six Traits of Writing Scoring Rubric for conventions. (


1. Schedule a meeting with a second grade teacher.

2. Make one transparency of a 2nd grade writing sample.

3. Make one copy of the peer-editing checklist for each student (attached file)

4. Print one copy of 6 Traits of Writing Scoring Rubrics for conventions from


1. Meet with a 2nd grade teacher to plan a period of time that the 4th grade students could come to the 2nd grade classroom to edit the students' writing. Discuss the topic that the 2nd grade teacher has chosen to use for this editing lesson. Get one sample of this writing to use in class prior to the editing teamwork.

2. Discuss with your students the topic of the writing that the 2nd graders have done.

3. On an overhead, display a sample of the 2nd grade writing. Edit the writing together on the overhead using the editing checklist (see attached file)

4. Pair each 4th grader with a 2nd grader. The 4th graders will help the 2nd graders edit their writing using the editing checklist.

5. Collect each checklist and 2nd grade writing sample.

6. Evaluate using the 6 Traits of Writing Scoring Rubric for Conventions found at this web site: (


The 4th graders will be evaluated on their editing of the 2nd grade writing using the scoring rubric for conventions from 6 Traits of Writing. The rubric can be printed from the website:
The peer editing checklist is used during the lesson as a guide to editing. It is not scored.


This activity could be duplicated for all 6 Traits of Writing.

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