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Cartoon Vocabulary

Leslie Briggs
Santa Rosa District Schools


A student's comprehension of a vocabulary word is tested by having the student draw a picture to illustrate the meaning of the word.


The student uses a variety of strategies to analyze words and text, draw conclusions, use context and word structure clues, and recognize organizational patterns.

The student demonstrates consistent and effective use of interpersonal and academic vocabularies in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.


-Vocabulary Cartoon Test


1. Generates a list of vocabulary words to study
2. Prints one copy of the Vocabulary Cartoon Test
3. Prints enough copies of the test for all students
4. Creates a sample, or two, of a vocabulary word illustrated for students to use as an example


1. Teacher assigns a set of vocabulary words from a selected literary text or from a chapter.
2. Students complete a vocabulary log. The vocabulary log consists of the following information: vocabulary term, definition for the term, and the sentence from the story/chapter which demonstrates the word used in text.
3. Teacher checks the vocabulary log for completeness on the day of the test.
4. Students use the vocabulary log as reference on the test.
5. Teacher passes out copies of the Vocabulary Cartoon Test (attached).
6. Students complete an illustration for each of the vocabulary words. The illustration must represent the wordís definition. Words may be used with the illustration; however, students may not use the vocabulary word in the drawing. Artwork is not graded.
7. Teacher assesses each studentís work.


When the teacher assesses this test, he/she must be very familiar with the words used in the selected reading. Student work is assessed by the following criteria: Does the illustration represent the assigned definition? Is the illustration complete? I assign full credit or half credit. I also check the words supplied with the illustration. Minus 1 point for each word misspelled.


If a list of words is difficult, I offer extra credit for using colored pencils to add more detail to the illustrations. I suggest that you assign as many words to your vocabulary log as your students can handle. However, you should limit your test to 6 to 10 assigned words. All of my students, gifted to mainstreamed, respond well to this test.

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