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Because I'm Big and Bad!

Martha Todd
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students use -The Three Little Pigs- and -The Three Wolves and the Big Bad Pig- to identify cause-effect relationships.


The student understands cause-and-effect relationships in literary texts.


- Copy of -The Three Little Pigs- (any author)
- Copy of -The Three Wolves and the Big Bad Pig- (by Eugene Trivizas & Helen Oxenbury)
- Chalkboard/Chalk


1. Get copies of the two books (-The Three Little Pigs- and -The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig-).


1. Read aloud the story of the three little pigs to the class, or briefly review the story together.
2. Write the words “Cause and Effect” on the chalkboard. Discuss their meanings.
3. Pull several events out of the story to determine the cause and effect of the event. Example: Event- House fell down / Causes- The wolf huffing and puffing or the pig’s poor house construction / Effect- The pig was eaten.
4. Draw the example as a flow chart on the board to illustrate that an effect can be the cause of something else. (For an example, see attached file.)
5. Do at least one more example together. Example: The pig builds a fire. Make a flow chart showing causes & effects of this event.
6. Read -The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig- to the class. Have them listen for causes and effects of events in the story.
7. Since this is probably a new story for the students, go through the story again, writing events on the board.
8. Have students make a flow chart of one of the events of the story showing causes and effects.


Students determine cause & effect from a book read as a class. The student identifies an event in the story and determines the causes and effects of that event. Their understanding is assessed by the teacher, who checks to see that they have a flow chart with at least four items correctly labeled as a cause or effect.


* Have students use the book they are currently reading and make a flow chart of causes and effects of an event from their book.
* Use this lesson with other books.

Attached Files

An example of a cause and effect flow chart for teacher reference.     File Extension: pdf

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