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Perky Prefixes

Eva Kilpatrick
Leon County Schools


This lesson focuses on prefixes. The students create games of their choice to be played with the class to reinforce their knowledge of prefixes.


The student identifies word parts such as prefixes, suffixes, and root words.


-Crayons or markers
-Construction paper
-Reference materials such as dictionaries
-Writing paper
-Drawing paper
-Prefixes and their meanings (see associated files)
-Perky Prefixes assessment (see associated files)


1. Print out word list of prefixes and meanings. (see associated files- Perky Perfixes)
2. Make sure you have enough dictionaries for each student.
3. You will need materials to make the games. This should include markers, pens, crayons, paper, scissors, writing and drawing paper.


Day 1
1. Students will be given a list of prefixes and their meanings. Along with the list, students will be given examples of words using the prefixes. Class will discuss the these words and their meanings. (see associated file - Prefix Handout)

2. Students use the dictionary to find 2 words using the prefixes from the list given by the teacher. The students write the meaning of each word. Each student shares the list with a partner and discusses the meanings of these words.

Day 2
3. Students work with partners and develop games of their choice using the prefixes from the list of prefixes given at the beginning of the lesson. (Examples: word find, crossword puzzles, bingo, etc. Bingo board should be limited to six spaces.) Have work stations set up around the room with samples of each type of game. Provide students with materials such as crayons, markers, scissors, etc.

Day 3
4. Students explain their games to the class and rotate with two other groups to play their games. You may need to duplicate copies for them. This will enhance their learning of prefixes.

5. Students are given a list of words, which includes prefixes and non- prefixes. They make a chart placing the prefix in one column and the base word in another.

Day 4
6. Students choose five words that contain prefixes. They use each word in a sentence. They take the same words without the prefix and use the words in sentences. On a separate sheet of paper, they write the meaning of the word with the prefix and the meaning of the word without the prefix.

Day 5
7. Review prefixes.

Day 6
8. Formatively assess students using the Perky Prefixes Assessment, providing corrective feedback and reteaching as necessary. (see associated files- Perky Prefixes assessment.)


Note: This lesson only addresses prefixes.

Formatively assess the students as they complete the Perkey Prefixes Assessment. (see associated files: Perky Prefixes Assessment) To show mastery students should correctly answer 10 out of 13. Those not showing mastery will need additional practice with feedback.

Attached Files

Perky Prefixes Assessment.     File Extension: pdf

Prefixes.      File Extension: pdf

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