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Cynthia Youngblood
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students in small groups prepare a short videotaped presentation dramatizing a poem.


The student speaks for various occasions, audiences, and purposes, including conversations, discussions, projects, and informational, persuasive, or technical presentations.

The student knows how mood or meaning is conveyed in poetry, such as, word choice, dialect, invented words, concrete or abstract terms, sensory or figurative language; use of sentence structure, line length, punctuation, and rhythm.

The student responds to a work of literature by interpreting selected phrases, sentences, or passages and applying the information to personal life.

The student develops characters, relationships, and environments from written sources (e.g., plays, stories, poems, and history).


-Selected poem from literature book
-Video camera
-Videotapes for recording
-VCR and TV set-up
-ITVís computer for adding graphics and credits
and editing videotape


Be ready to suggest specific poems that could be dramatized.
Discuss project with ITV teacher.
Get suggestions from drama teacher.
Download evaluation form.


1. At the end of a unit study on poetry, the teacher assigns a small-group project. Each group is responsible for teaching a poem to the class and communicating its message by using a dramatic form- -a videotaped presentation. (The final project is due in two weeks from the assignment date.)
2. The teacher discusses what makes a dramatized poem interesting and successful, such as: getting the audienceís attention; stating purpose of presentation; giving title, author, and entire poem; conveying subject matter/ mood/ meaning/; focusing on subject matter; using action and movement, gestures, facial expressions, effective props, costumes; making use of available technology; using creative and critical thinking skills; and working cooperatively as a group.
3. The teacher distributes an evaluation form for the videotaped dramatization. (See attached file.)
4. The teacher shows an example of a previous groupís video, if available.
5. The teacher has students divide into small groups of two to four students and choose a suitable poem from the literature book for a short presentation.
6. The teacher checks to see if each student is in a group.
7. The groups meet, choose a chairperson, and brainstorm ideas for various poems.
8. Each group selects a poem to dramatize. Each group turns in the title of poem to be dramatized to the teacher.

9. Groups meet again and write a sketchy screenplay of plans for presentation. Students note narration, graphics, scenery, prop needs, and actorsí movements. Groups make a list of needed props and costumes and acquire them. Groups make a list of special needs, if they need assistance from the teacher.
10. The teacher makes an informal assessment of screenplay and discusses these plans with each group.
11. Each group member assumes a role or a responsibility for this project.
12. Groups acquire a video camera or check one out from the ITV class or media center.
13. Groups make arrangements to film screenplay outside of class.

14. Teacher allows students to visit the ITV class to get instruction from ITV teacher or ITV student on adding graphics and editing videotape. (This can be omitted, if this technology is not available at your school.)

15. The teacher schedules time for each group to have in the ITV room to edit video.
16. Each group delivers video-taped presentation.
17. The teacher evaluates the presentation. (See evaluation form in attached file.)


1. Informal assessment of screenplay by teacher.
2. Using the attached evaluation form , the teacher evaluates each groupís video-taped project using the following criteria: gets audienceís attention, communicates poemís message, focuses on subject matter, uses movement, gestures, facial expressions, effective props and costumes, and uses technology.


At least one student in each group needs to be able to operate a video camera. (This has never been a problem for me.)
This project can be accomplished without the sophisticated technology in the ITV room. Iíve had great success with this activity long before ITV.

Attached Files

Poetry Dramatization Video Project Evaluation Form†††††File Extension: pdf

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