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Speak a Little Clearer!

Michelle Barlow


In this lesson the teacher models effective speaking strategies for students. The students prepare an oral presentation of a Fairy Tale or short story. The students demonstrate effective speaking strategies during their presentations.


The student interacts with peers in a variety of situations to develop and present familiar ideas (for example, conversations, whole group interactions, discussions).

The student uses strategies to speak clearly, (for example, rate, volume, tone, projection).

The student prepares for and gives presentations for specific occasions, audiences, and purposes (including but not limited to group discussions, informational or dramatic presentations).

The student uses eye contact and gestures that engage the audience.


-Copies of various Fairy Tales and other short stories for students to use
-One copy of the self evaluation sheet for each student (See attached file.)
-One copy of the teacher evaluation sheet for each student (See attached file.)
-Chalk or dry erase markers for the board


1. Collect various copies of different Fairy Tales and short stories for the students to use.
2. Prepare enough copies of the self evaluation sheets for the class (see attached file).
3. Prepare enough copies of the teacher evaluation rubrics for each student (see attached file).


Day 1 (60 minutes)
1. Begin the lesson by drawing the attention of the class to a favorite story. Begin reading the story to the class using a very slow monotone voice.
Make sure you are hard to hear and understand. Do not use eye contact or any gestures as you read.
2. Once you have read for a couple of minutes ask the students if they are enjoying the story so far. Discuss why they do not enjoy listening to you read.
3. Write the following terms on the board: rate, volume, tone, projection, eye contact, and gestures.
4. Discuss each term with the class. Have the students give you suggestions on how you could read the story more effectively using the strategies discussed.
5. Reread the same passage you began with. This time be certain you model all of the strategies on the board.
6. Explain to the class that they are going to have the opportunity to make an oral presentation using the strategies that have been modeled.
Tell the students that they are going to have classtime to prepare for their presentations and that they will have a group of partners to help give them feedback before they present their presentations to the teacher and class.
7. Show the class the copies of the Fairy Tales and short stories that you have collected. Tell them that they will choose one story to present orally to the class.
8. Pass out the self evaluation checklists and explain to the class how the checklist can help them as they prepare for their oral presentations.
9.Tell the students that they will use the remaining class time to choose the story they want to use. Tell them that they will begin working on their presentation alone and that the next day they will work in groups of three helping each other prepare.
Day 2 (60 minutes)
1. Inform the class that the next day will be the day that they will be making their oral presentations to the class. Explain to them that they should use today's class time wisely.
2. Divide the class into groups of three. Tell the students that they are to go over their story one time alone and then present it to their group. Explain that each member of the group should give helpful feedback to each member. Remind the class that when they work in a group they are to work in a considerate, cooperative, and positive manner. Encourage the students to listen to each other carefully and make sure they are participating in the feedback conversation. Make sure the class knows that their group participation is also part of their grade.
3. Allow the students to spend the rest of the time practicing and giving each other feedback.
Day 3 (60 minutes)
1. Begin this session by reminding the class of the speaking strategies that you will be looking for.
2. Call each student one at a time to the front of the class and allow them to present the story. Use the teacher evaluation sheet to grade each child's presentation
(see the attached file).


Students must be checked off on 8 out of the 10 evaluation criteria to receive at least an 80% mastery (see the attached file for a grading checklist).


For the students that have mastered this activity with an 80% or better allow them to write and then present a speech orally.

For the students that receive less than an 80% allow them to work on two or three speaking stratagies at a time by using short poems.
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