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Hey! What Is Your Angle?

Lee Strain
Polk County Schools


Students create and classify straight, right, acute and obtuse angles using pretzel sticks.


The student classifies angle measures as acute, obtuse, right, or straight.


-Pretzel sticks
-Visa pen
-Plastic bag for each student
-18x24 white construction paper for each student
-Black marker
-Laminator (optional)


1. Purchase enough bags of pretzel sticks so that each student has at least 20 sticks. Put 20 sticks in individual plastic bags for each student.

2. Draw four columns on an 18x24 white piece of construction paper and label the columns straight angles, right angles, acute angles, and obtuse angles. Make a copy for each student.These work spaces may be laminated for further use.


Students should have prior knowledge of angles and that angles are measured in degrees.

1. Create a straight angle out of two pretzels on the overhead. Ask the students if they know the name of the angle. Once it is established that it is a straight angle, explain to the students angles are measured in degrees. A straight angle measures 180 degrees. Have the students take out two pretzels and have them create a straight angle on the back of the laminated sheet.

2. Create a right angle out of two pretzel sticks on the overhead. Ask students if they know the name of this angle. Once it is established that it is a right angle, ask the students if they know how many degrees is an angle in order for it to be a right angle. Guide the students into observing that it is half of the straight angle. Have the students create a right angle using two pretzels on the laminated sheet.

3. Continue with the above procedures creating an acute and obtuse angle.

4. Make different angles out of the pretzel sticks on the overhead. Each time a student can identify an angle, give him/her the pretzels to eat. Do enough examples until you feel the students can successfully name the angles.

5. Have the students turn over their laminated sheets. Using their pretzels, have the students create at least two of each angle and classify the angles under the correct headings. Observe the students during this activity and assist any student who may need assistance.


Formatively assess students through teacher observation as they create at least two of each angle made from pretzels on their papers and as they participate in the practice at the end of the lesson. During the activity, assist students who have difficulty being successful.


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